Tuesday, March 31, 2015

more pics from the race

Still kind of floating on cloud nine. Pictures like this tell why:
It was free too!  How cool is that!   I have been trolling the FB page and I have seen nothing but very very positive comments.  This makes me so happy.  I sure do love having a local well run race that I can walk to the start line to and back to my home from the finish line.  Wicked marathon, in a couple of years, I am coming for you!

Had to put these up too.  The joy we both had was amazing and captured well by Connie at Body First. I so wish I could race with her more often but it has to be smaller races for sure.  I had to hold her pretty tight for 3ish miles and my arm and shoulder are super duper sore today.  I pretty much have been sore in one spot or another all day, mostly the side of my left foot and my right hip.  I wanted to do a nice bike ride but the wind was too much today.  Hello Kansas spring wind, didn't miss you at all this winter!  I settled for a roughly three mile walk with the kiddo and stella.  The jogging stroller some times felt like it weighed 100 lbs due to that crazy north wind.  I feel 1000 x better today there from rolling and walking.  

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