Sunday, March 22, 2015

Long slow runs

I really wasn't sure what I would feel like after this weekend.  Been kind of feeling defeated after working so hard for some half PRs.  I kept telling myself that the hard work is there, to not get down.  The pain has been on and off, sometimes worse when I am sitting and not doing as much, versus up and on it.  I have done intensive research on tendonitis, and I am pretty sure that is what is going on in my ankle.  It makes total sense, as I have put more and more work on my ankle, it has just gotten too over worked.
I had also read that on top of ice and reduction of intensity, that braces were very beneficial.  I went to our local running store and purchased one and boy has it made a HUGE difference.  
I also bought a "Stick" to roll out my calf muscles.  I still think that is also partial part of the problem.  
Stella also loves being rolled out.  Baring any disasters this week (i always hold my breath the week before a half) I think I will be okay to go.  Maybe not a PR but at least a finish:)
Got my last long run in of the cycle before the half (8 glorious miles) and it felt oddly great.  Little to no pain (and no advil) thanks to the brace and some nice rolling hills.  Can't wait to get some deep tissue torture tomorrow and pick up my packet!  Wicked Half, I am coming for ya!

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