Saturday, March 7, 2015

Random before my run

Feeling better today.  Got some family matters discussed and out on the table.  That always makes me feel so better.  I don't like confrontation but I do like discussing the matter at hand and being honest about it.  Woke up with a cough again this morning but I am going to do my long run no matter what.  I swallowed the horse pill Musinex DM and am going to give it a couple of hours to work before I run.  Here is some random stuff for you this beautiful Saturday morning.
Yesterday the weather was so spring like and so perfect that we just had to go get mini shakes from Sonic on the way home from preschool.  Some days, ice cream before dinner is just a must

I love living a block away from the most awesome city park ever.  We followed ice cream  up with a nice long session in the park.  Trying to get the family to commit to walk across Kansas that includes 20 minutes of walking EVERY DAY.  I think they can do it!

I have never done the local St Pat's day race but have always wanted to.  This year, they are having an option that includes the 2 mile run and the 10 K.  Since I am crazy,  I had to sign up for this option and convinced a fellow local runner, Mel G to also sign up. We are going to have matching outfits:)
It amazes me that 6 dogs get a long in a house together.  Other than little spats that are normal, they all get along really, really well.  
It was a good week at work.  This is a pellet of nuclei from a plant called Amborella.  That is a ton of nuclei and that means success!!!!

Well off to get ready for my long run!  Hoping to get at least 11 miles in today!  Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

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