Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy birthday Harley man and oh, some dreadmilling

Kind of in a weird place right now.  Stressed about family and not sure how much to write about it and how much to keep to myself. I am a talker when it comes to problems.  I always feel that sharing about problems is the best for me, one, to get out of my own head, and two, because many people have great ideas on how to solve problems based on their own life experiences.  That is just the kind of person I am, while others keep it in, I put it all out there.  I do feel like the strain of all of it and the fact that I can not kick this cold is really affecting my runs.  I can't seem to get away from thinking about all of it  no matter what I do.  As I said earlier, this verison of cold going around wamego and manhattan has been lasting up to 4 weeks and I am at the end of my third, beginning of fourth.  I did think it was almost gone and had been using musinex DM, which had been helping, but for what ever reason, last night it made yet another stand during my 800 meter repeats.  Now today, I feel like I am back at day 1, coughing, snotty, and sinus headaches galore.  So how has my week been going by thus far with running you ask?

Well there has been alot of dreadmilling.  My hubby has been working late and while I will run late at night during the summer, right now I am in the mode of run after work.  I did one of my tempo runs on the mill this week and one of my recovery runs.
Yes, I run in the dark, Weird right?  There are lights behind me and to the right of the mill, but they just don't show up
I am pleasantly shocked to say that I did not die during my prescribed tempo run.  I was able again to hit the high to middle end of my pace range, and hold it there for the amount of time I needed to get done.  The second round was not as good, as Andrew had decided he wanted to run on the mill with me, and I had to stop almost at the end to ensure daddy had him, and he was not in fact going to join me.  I wish we had the mill where I could shut a door or block him from being near it, but it is residing in our dining room right now, and our lower level of our house is a pretty much open floor plan.  While it is nice because I can get him a snack and cue up netflix for him to watch while I run and I can see him, if he so chooses to get up, and come see me, I pretty much have to slow down or stop to make sure he doesn't try and get on with me.  I was for sure sore after running on the dreadmill but very, very happy that I am slowly getting use to doing faster work on it.
My second run on the mill was my recovery run and boy did I take it slow.  Been reading a lot about how slower is better for recovery, so I took that very literally.  Hubby had just walked in as I was getting on the mill, and I had a split second thought about changing clothes and doing this run outside, but oddly chose to just get it done on the mill.  Needless to say, stella and Deuce are very put out that I would choose the mill over outside.  I am really glad that warmer weather is on it's way so at least if I don't have a baby sitter that I at least can take andrew too if need be in the jogging stroller.  
The moon rise was amazing last night, too bad this picture is so crappy!
Last night's run was the worst though.  Headed out to do 800 m repeats.  Honestly, this is probably my least favorite of all speed work (well, behind a pace run), but I had put them off last week due to this cold and stupidly thought after not having any issues during my tempo run ( a pace of 9:20 versus a pace of 8-8:10) that I would be okay.  I did also get a very nice present from my monthly friend yesterday and was quite crampy and crabby, but I felt like I needed to just buck up and get it done.  I warmed up fine and proceeded to do my first repeat.  As soon as I hit my 800 meters I started violently coughing, so much so that I threw up.  At that point, I should have just recovered, run to my 2.5 mile turn around and came back, but I am a dummy and decided to try one more time.  I did better this time coughing wise, but I just could not get and hold onto my prescribed pace.  I was hitting in the 8:20s instead, and it was defeating me.  I have never had trouble hitting 8s for my 800 meter repeats.  I felt like my chest was very congested, and that I just didn't have the lung room I needed to really push.  After four failed attempts to hit pace, and four attempts at trying to keep something in the low 8s, I just couldn't do it anymore.  I walk recovered and then hit the road home.  I finished with 4 repeats and a spread of paces from 8:17 all the way to an 8:32.  I finished up with five miles total, but I felt very defeated.  I guess the good news is that I have more to worry about at home and I couldn't really grovel in my failure, so I have put it out of my mind.  I am looking forward to my long run this weekend, and  I am going to start taking all of the medicines I was previously taking and assume that I am still not 100%.  I still have a week to go I guess, to truly have this a full four weeks as everyone has said they have had it.  I just need to be well before my first half on the 28th.  
And now for some good things to end this on a good note:)  Deuce continues to do better and better.  His coat is finally coming back and he is looking so beautiful once again.  He is gaining weight and looking like what a real aussie should.  He is still running with us as long as it is less than 5 miles.  He is also bummed that I have chosen the dreadmill over him and stella.  We were invited to come to an agility class, and while I don't think I can come every week, I hope to get to drop in some as I can.  

We also celebrated Harley's 12th birthday!  I think (and  hope) my dogs live forever!  Harley, while a sometimes challenging dog with regards to his odd fears and his desire to escape even the best dog pens money can buy, has been an amazing dog to have in our household.  He introduced me to many other dog sports including obedience, herding, rally, and tracking and while we never competing in those events, I have had fun learning with him.  I have learned many lessons of what not do to do as a trainer, as well as what to do, and we even have had a win in the conformation ring together (and I had NO clue what the hell i was doing at all;).  He also has been the most amazing demo dog when we have visited the children's camp we go to.  Not only did he do countless agility demos but was more than willing to let the kids throw the frisbee to him over and over and over and over.  I love you Harley man!!!!  While we haven't achieved all of our goals we have set forth, we still have had a hell of time trying:)

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