Friday, March 13, 2015


she helps me ice correctly
Another crazy week here at work = no blogging:(  I am kind of sad because i miss it.  I have been waaayyyy to into my head lately and need to get my thoughts out.  So here it is.  My leg started really bothering me monday.  I figured it was from my 11 miler on saturday, as that would be two days post.  I respected it, took a rest day (mondays are my rest day anyway) and felt 100% better on tuesday.  I had hill repeats, 10 to be exact, and I ran over to my hill and did them and ran back. I had some pain, not localized, on and off during the repeats but nothing specific and nothing that made me worry.  Then wednesday came and I was on my feet ALL day at work, and the pain just kept getting worse and worse.  I had just switched out my shoes as they had hit over 400 miles, had also just completed my first 100 mile month and have just hit 200 miles for the year a week into march.
Did this picture jinx me?
SO. MANY. VARIABLES.  This scientist is going crazy right now.  My ankle hurts on and off all of the time but I ice it and take care of it.  This is different.  I don't think it is my old injury, it feels more muscle, but it is pretty much my entire lower leg.  I have an appointment with the master of pain monday and monday can't come soon enough.
Happy to be biking as cross training but would rather be running
I did a bike ride yesterday versus my 6 miler and rested on wednesday versus my 4 miler.  I do have a race this weekend, and I am still on slate to do this race.  I want to dress up and have fun and be silly.  I never get to do that.  I hope I don't regret this wish.  I probably won't do a long run the sunday either and will if I run next week, stick to just easy mileage.  I am hoping that this is nothing that  a good deep tissue massage can't fix.  It does seem to respond somewhat to advil and my compression socks.  I have been on my feet at work way more than normal so I am hoping that is why the pain comes and goes all day.  Okay enough of me freaking out.

These things happened this week:

EEEKKKK!  I got into the lottery!  I literally sat here till the link when live and hit send as soon as it did.  Still took about 15 minutes to get everything in (and I almost missed a work meeting entirely, yikes).
I also went ahead and entered Chicago.  Hopefully I will get into one.  If not, may just do Wichita Prairie Fire marathon.  Haven't done much running down in that area so would be new and fun.

So, I am really hoping my body cooperates.  I need to put in a fair amount of mileage to get to my goal of a marathon and if my body can't handle 30 miles a week now, how in the hell am I going to handle marathon training???  I want this so bad, so I will make it work some how.  
I am pretty stubborn like that.  I won't give up.  I don't want to be a wuss about my leg, yet I don't want to ignore pain like I did last time and have to be out almost 2 months from running, especially during the spring and right before my 4 half marathons.  I can stop the hard work outs.  While I really, really enjoy being pushed, maybe I need to back up and re evaluate how much.  I admit, I was initially scared that I not only had two speed work outs a week and speed work during my long run, but I grew to love it.  I grew to love pushing my body and meeting my goals, well when I wasn't sickly with this stupid cold that is still ever so slightly lingering.  Anyway, I know, verbal diarrhea going on right now but I am scared.  I don't want to be back in the boat I was in after my first 25 K.

Okay done.  I leave you with a picture of our first snake sighting of the year.  Why these guys love my yard so much, I haven't a clue

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