Monday, March 16, 2015

The Runs (or lack of) and Crank it down lady!

Last week was kind of a bust running wise. I only ran twice due to leg pain, once on Tuesday for hill repeats (5.2 miles total, 10 repeats) and Saturday (2 mile race and 6.2 mile race) and Sunday (3 very slow miles with the pups.
 I wasn't too sore Sunday so we did some hiking out at the Tall Grass Prairie Reserve.  They had just burned, so it wasn't too impressive, and I wasn't wanting to do too long of a hike with the kiddo and brother in law in tow plus, I didn't want to push it with my leg for sure.  We still enjoyed it thoroughly and Andrew loved the nature center.  His favorite part was a series of buttons you could press and listen to the bird sounds.  He LOVED the owls the best and kept asking to hear them over and over again.
We also found this super cool playground in Council Grove that had a train in it.  Guess who didn't want to leave?

We may have to make one of these for the backyard.  
We also did some of the river walk in Council Grove.  I had raced a race there before and hope to run it again this spring.  

Lastly, today I had my massage for the first time in a few months.  It was tough.  It was so painful and my left leg was a mess from my glutes down to my toes.  I was told that i need to bring the intensity down a whole bunch of notches.  It was hard to hear.  I really, really like my new work out schedule.  I really, really like pushing myself.  I do still want to run and I know I will find joy in just running, at least for now.  I don't want that to go away but man, I was in the groove work out wise and this weekend showed it.  I wasn't even really pushing and I almost got a PR on the 10 K.  Dang it!  I know for doing my first marathon that speed work will be dialed back, but there is something so exciting about nailing a hard speed workout.  I am going to miss that intensity for sure but will savor the fact that i can still run when others can't.  I am looking foward to getting some mileage this week and enjoying the taper.  I have never tapered for a race so this should be fun.  Bring on Wicked!!!!

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