Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Runs

I am so excited that spring is finally kind of here!  My tulips are coming up and my bushes are starting to bud out.  The warmer temps are really, really motivating to get out and pound some pavement.  Sometimes the cold weather is just a kick in the gut to the motivation for sure.  Here are my weekly runs for my coach.  I am still harboring this stupid cold and am still coughing.  This is the cold that never ends.

She drafts off of me when it is very windy.  Very smart runner is she

Monday:Rest/hip strengthening exercises

Tuesday: hip strenghtening exercises, Tempo run, 5 minute warm up, 10 minute easy, 15 minutes at 6.4, 1% incline, 5 minute easy, 15 minutes at 6.4, 1% incline, 10 minutes easy, 5 minute cool down.  Still getting better at doing speed work on the treadmill.  During the second tempo, with about 5 minutes to go, Andrew decided to join me, so had to stop till daddy could come and get him.  Leg hurt after this one so lots of ice.

Wednesday:Recovery run on the dreadmill again plus hip strengthening exercises.  4 miles at 5.4, 1% incline.  Again, leg and ankle hurt after this so lots of ice.

Thursday: Was suppose to do 6 800 meter repeats at my normal pace of 8:00.  Due to violent coughing and no clear lungs, got 4 in and ran home with my tail between my legs.  Hip strengthening exerices


Saturday: Long run, 5 minute warm up, 3x 4/1, 20 min easy pace, 35 min at goal HMP (9:30), 25 min easy pace, 3x4/1 run/walk, 5 minute walk to cool down.  I was really worried about the speed work again since my chest does not seem to be clear.  Other than a few coughs, I was fine.  The wind was a little bit much, coming from the south and east but heck, that will be the direction for my first half so going to have to deal with it anyway.  Did feel a little bit more tired after this much speed work during the run so only got about 10.5 miles in without the warm up/cool down and a total of 11 with the warm up and cool down.  This was a good confidence boost though.  I was able to maintain and not feel like I was dying.  I also was able to gel with no problems during the work out.  I did fuel twice during this run.

Sunday:Recovery run with a friend.  We took it easy and talked for 6 miles.  Felt great but did NOT push it, let our conversation set the pace.  

Tues=5.3 miles
Wed=4 miles

31.35 total miles!

Have a great week everyone!

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