Friday, March 20, 2015

Flip flop

I hope I am not posting this too soon but I am kind of excited about my leg.  After several days of freaking out constantly about the pain and the fact that it wasn't getting better, I have finally had a good day.  I haven't even taken a single advil today!  I am hoping this means that our plan of less intensity is working.  So far this week I have run an easy 3 miler and walked a couple last night on the treadmill.  I am planning on running 4 or 5 tonight but it is still raining, so may cut that a little shorter.  Still mulling over a long run.  Coach Jenny and I had settled on 10 but I want this progression of less pain and healing to continue.  I still feel that my leg isn't 100% so I don't want to push anything.  I found an article yesterday on tapering for a half.  While I have never tapered for halfs, this article was really good.  It said two weeks out, you should do 60% of your peak mileage which for this training cycle is about 30.  Then it said the week of, you should do about 40%, so that puts at me at 18 for this week and 12 for next.  I keep telling myself that I have put in the effort and even though last week didn't go as planned (only got 16 in total and no long run thanks to my leg) that my A race is the Rock the Parkway race in April anyway.  I want to do Wicked because it is in my hometown and I want do it as a long run basically.  I need my leg to be 100% in order to do that.

Sigh.  Okay, so the reason why the name of this post is flip flop is because I wrote this first paragraph yesterday afternoon.  Instead of deleting it and starting over, I thought I would add a post script.  After my 4 mile run last night, my ankle/leg was back to hurting again.  I called first thing this morning to get back into Body First.  I felt 1000 times better after my first massage so I am hoping another one that just focusing on my calf muscles will help.  My calf muscles feel super tight and even though I warm up and cool down and stretch, I think there is really something going on there.  Last night when I was running, I could feel a pulling that started in my calf muscle and went all the way down into my ankle.  Wouldn't it be so nice and simple if it is just a super tight and angry calf muscle that is causing all of this?

Well, have a great weekend!  I am not sure what my weekend will entail as far as running.  If I follow the plan I found online, I only need to do an 8 miler and a 2 miler.  If I follow my coach, it may just be a 10 miler and that is enough.  We shall see.

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