Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Runs

Okay still like that title LOL!  Before I talk about my runs for my coach, please check out  This is one of my favorite running stores for super cute themed clothes that are functional.  I met them at my very first half marathon in St. Louis and I keep ordering more and more from them.
I already have one running skirt from them with the sugar skulls design, that I so dearly love and I knew I wanted this one too for the dog runs stella and I do together.  It just so happened that this design is going on sale so I HAD to order one.  If it is on sale, I NEED it:)

I also ordered from Road Runner sports for the first time this week.  I am addicted to my shoe, the vomero 8s and since they are last year's model and the beginning of last year's release at that, I am having to order them.  Last time I got them from Amazon, but this time, they were out of my size from all of their sources.  I found them and some even older versions on road runner sports and at amazing prices!  Plus they have a VIP club that looks like it is totally worth it for the discounts you get.  I am seriously watching a couple of running vests that I so want to see if they drop in price:)

Well, this week has been yet again the week of the cough.  I had decided to not push any speed work because I cough the most when I get hot.

Monday-Was suppose to do 800 meter repeats.  Instead did 5 miles of easy running.

Tuesday-off-first PTO meeting with our preschool.

Wednesday-4 miles on the dreadmill.  Tried running for 9 minutes and walking for one and keeping the incline down to 1%.  During the nine minutes, 3 were at 5.3, 3 were at 5.4, and 3 were at 5.5 or even up to 5.6.  Kept me from loosing my mind.  I didn't have a baby sitter so I also had to get off a few times to make sure andrew was behaving.

Thursday-Again was suppose to do speed work, my tempo run, but opted for just another 5 mile run.

Friday-rest day

Saturday-10 miles in the snow, no speed work

Sunday-1 hour of running with a five minute warm up and cool down at a brisk walk within that 1 hour



I have started doing the hip strengthening exercises found in the recent copy of runner's world.  I am on week one.  I will probably do it monday through friday (while at work) and take sat and sunday off.  I am still hoping to get back to the pool someday soon:)

This whole week I  have not been 100% and still do NOT feel 100%, with today probably the worst.  After polling FB i have heard it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get over this and monday starts my 3rd week. Sigh.  I would love just one night of good sleep with no coughing interruptions.  That would help tremendously.  I would also like it if I could stop swallowing and coughing up so much snot but I am very glad it is coming out of my lungs and not residing in there.

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