Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow run, FINALLY!

I finally got my wish!  A snow run and a long run at that!
And I finally got to try out my YakTrax!  Had them since christmas and hadn't gotten to use them.  
Let's just say that I LOVE them.  They made running in the snow SO much easier!  I can't wait to take them back out again tomorrow when we have even more.  
Hi snow cows!  The snow was coming from the south and east and yep, my normal long run route goes mostly east and south.  I need to invest in some snow googles I guess because my glasses kept fogging over and then freezing.  I would have to put them in my pocket to warm them up and get the ice off of them.
Snow flakes up your nose and in your eyes hurt!  We are suppose to get around 6 or so inches and I am super excited to get more snow runs done.  We got all of our normal weekend stuff done last night  just in case, so we are good to go if we are stuck inside all weekend.  I needed to do speed work during my long run, and while I pushed as hard as I could, I still couldn't hit the paces I needed to.  Blame it on the snow, or the fact that I didn't really fuel properly last night (we had chinese while out shopping because andrew suddenly LOVES sweet and sour chicken) or maybe the fact that I was up coughing last night more than I have been all week.  Whatever it was, I am proud of the effort I tried to put in, and the fact that I got 10 miles done.  
And I am super excited about this!!!!!  I never thought I would be able to hit 100 in a month again.  While my ankle is bothering me, I do think that is treadmill related and not related to the number of miles I ran this month.  

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