Sunday, February 15, 2015

My week in running re caps

My coach has asked me for a run down of my week.   I usually tell it in a story like form but I need to make it concise for her.  I really like how Angie at A Mother's Pace breaks it down weekly, so I may try that too.  Here are the runs for the week:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday:400 meter repeats-It took me almost 7 miles with  the warm up and cool down and 10 x repeats with walk back recovery.  I was able to hit all of my repeat times either a little bit below or on the dot.  I really was worried about this work out because my legs still felt tired from switching my long run to sunday, but I managed quite well.  Major runner's high after apologizing to my hubby for being so late (It took me almost an hour and a half to complete).

Wednesday-rest day-had to take a professor out for dinner

Thursday-Recovery run that was suppose to be done Wednesday.  5 minute walk warm up, 40 minute easy pace (5.2, 2% incline), 5 minute cool down done at the gym on the treadmill. I can't believe how many treadmill runs I have done recently.  I usually avoid the dreadmill like the plague.  It does get easier with your BRF on a treadmill beside you.  Ankle bothered me afterwards so iced all night.

Friday-Tempo run outside thanks to nicer weather.  5 minute walk warm up, 10 minute easy pace, 10 minute at 9 minute pace, 5 minute easy, 10 minute at 9:15 (I had a range of 9-9:20 and I must have been tired), 10 minute easy pace, 5 minute cool down walk.

Saturday-Back to the dreadmill, recovery run.  5 minute walk warm up, 30 minutes easy pace (5.2 at 2% incline), 1 minute walk, 4 minutes easy run (5.2, 2%incline) repeat that 4 times, 5 minute walk.  My legs really bothered me after this . I think the dreadmill makes my legs hurt every time I run on it. I  feel like I have been hit by a bus after running on it every.single.time.  I iced my ankle and leg all night.

Sunday-Long run.  Well, I can't do speed work on the treadmill and this long run called for some speed work again.  25 minutes of it to be exact.  We finally got a good night's sleep and when the alarm went off to fuel and caffeinate, I shut it off and slept another hour.  I am glad I did.  The problem was as the day went on, the temperature went up but the wind also increased.  So you had to make a decision do you want to freeze to death due to the wind or due to the temp.  I chose the wind and boy did it kick my butt.  The work out was 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minute run easy pace, 25 minute tempo basically at 9:30 (goal HMP), 20 minute easy, and 4 minute run and one minute walk with a 5 minute cool down.  I honestly haven't had to run in the truly cold weather so I was fumbling to try and get everything together and make sure I didn't forget anything.  I totally put on the wrong shoes (both sets of my running and retired shoes look the same), and forgot my ear warmer (I had a full head hood on but needed more ear protection, and I had to come back and get my fuel as I almost left without it as well.  The first 25 minutes plus the 5 warm up was into 17 mph sustained winds.  I was worried it would totally sap my energy for the speed work but I wanted to get that portion done first versus at the end of the run.  I was able to turn south before my watch beeped for the tempo portion.  25 minutes at 9:30 pace felt good but hard and I did have about 7 minutes of that into the north wind.  I fueled after that portion and my shot bloks were like stones.  Even though I had them in an interior pocket, they felt frozen solid.  I tried warming them up with my hands but that wasn't working.  I finally had to just put them in my mouth and hold them there one at a time till they thawed out enough to chew.  That took about 3 minutes of walking into my 20 minute easy pace but it is what it is. I so wish I could do regular GU.  Bleh.  The rest was around a 10:40 to 11 minute pace and some in the wind.  I was very grateful when it was done.  My snot rockets had frozen on my gloves and face and my face felt very chapped even though I had much of it covered up.  It wasn't my favorite run ever but it is done and i am glad.

It has been a hard week because Andrew has had tummy problems yet again.  One night we were both up from 3 am on with him and then I stayed home with him that day just in case it was viral and of course he was fine (and didn't nap AT ALL).  He has also suddenly been getting up super early in the morning, so I am kind of a zombie this week.  I can definitely feel how tired I am when I run. I am hoping this is a better week since we think and hope we figured out the cause of his tummy issues.

M:0 miles
W:0 miles
TH: 4 miles
F:5.02 miles

30.22 miles for this week, five days of running, four in a row.  Don't forget this counts my warm up and cool down in the mileage.

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