Friday, February 20, 2015


I have been fairly quiet this week mainly because I have been SO busy lately at work.  Usually i have snippets of time to work on a blog, but this week has been gangbusters.  I am helping a student in another lab do a project in my lab that is taking a ton of time, plus we just got through our back log of samples finally.  I am not complaining in one bit, the busier we are, the more assured I am of a paycheck LOL!
The view from my office when it was snowing again and I was in a panic
So far this week has been about the dreadmill.  I actually left work early tuesday due to snow and icky weather and picked up andrew early, so we could be home before it got really bad.  We were already late to work/school because of several inches of snow dumped on us the night before.  I managed to squeeze in all of my work surprisingly in the few hours I was in the lab.  When I got home, I had hill repeats on my schedule.  Since the roads were not in good shape, and because I didn't want to do my recovery run and then two speed work sessions back to back, I opted to go ahead and move my tempo run to tuesday.  That's right I said tempo run and dreadmill in the same sentence.  I normally avoid ALL speed work on the dreadmill, because of my fear of falling, but I am getting so close to my first half of the year that I had to put on my big girl panties and just do it.  Once I got andrew settled with a snack and a thomas movie, I jumped on.  I told myself I would just try and hit the slower end of the range of pace I was suppose to do, and then slowly move towards the faster end of the pace if I wasn't panicking about falling.  I did use the incline again, and I was able to get up to 6.3 with a 2% incline.  I was so stoked after this run, mainly because I was able to gain a ton of confidence about my ability to do speedwork and for long periods of time on the dreadmill.  Then because my hubby's crazy work schedule the next day, I was able to get back on the dreadmill and knock out a recovery run.  I did have to break it into 9 minute run, 1 minute walk but hey,  it was a recovery run.  Recovery is all about taking it easy right?  I also had hills on my schedule for thursday and I was lucky enough to get out in daylight (it's almost spring!) and get my hill work done.  I have two more runs this week, another long run with more HMP time interspersed and another recovery run.  I may be hitting the dreadmill yet again due to my hubby's work schedule (Again, not complaining at all).

Overtime is a good thing and the only one who will really loose out is poor miss stella.  She got to go yesterday and was biting at me and over the top, which honestly, kind of helped me get up those hills!  I need to invest in her a little dreadmill of her own!  I am nursing a head cold also that is slowly making it's way into my chest.  I am trying everything to keep it from doing so and living in denial a little bit, but I think I am in for a loosing battle.  Last night I was up at 3 am coughing, and while I am not coughing during my run (mostly after) I know first hand how not letting yourself recover from any illness involving coughing can really kick your butt and cause you to be off for a longer time.  I may have to ditch this weekend's runs all together if this gets worse.  I feel like overall my training is going really, really well and a run or two missed is not going to hurt me at all.

Have a great weekend!

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