Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random pictures

You know how you take random pictures and then you don't really have a good way to get them into a certain blog post?  Well, that is what this blog is about, randomness!
I told him Diesel 10 was evil and he didn't believe me.  Diesel 10 was suppose to have batteries and we conveinently forgot them.  Then Uncle Cayce added batteries and Diesel 10 decided to rip a curl out of andrew's hair.  Evil, evil Diesel 10.
Helping mommy in the lab.  Sometimes I have to go out in on the weekend and do stuff.  He likes to go with and color and help.  He can finally fit his hands into my small nitrile gloves.  He pretty much wore them all day that day.
I am loving the Dr. Cool ice wraps.  This is the next bigger size to the little purple one I got for my ankle.  This one ices my whole shin and I love it.  Andrew says I should have gotten red.
My favorite student fixing the interface of my blog.  Thank god for youth:)
Weird clouds the other night.  They looked like feathers.  
He likes to ride on my back all the time now.  I like to do squats with him on my back for a good work out.  He now weighs 31 lbs!
He insisted on wearing his train hat to school the other day.  I let him.  Too cute.
Our new sunday thing.  We go grocery shopping and before we do, we eat at Long John Silvers.  He LOVES the hush puppies.

Okay, enough randomness.  Running recap tomorrow after my long run.  That will be four days in a row of running!

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