Monday, February 2, 2015

Stomach virus ROUND 3

It was a long weekend that started off in a bad way.  The return of the stomach virus DUN DUN DUNNNNN (think of belt from The Croods).  Yep, it made a glorious return hitting tony and I the hardest (well we did get out of it last time that andrew had it) and only slightly hitting andrew.  This is the SECOND time in a few months I have gotten this crap and the third time total for our household.  I use to be such a healthy person till I had a kiddo.  Seriously!  I saw the doctor maybe once a year for my yearly check up.  Now she knows my first name and asks about my races and such.  Sad really.  Anyway, we kept andrew home from daycare just in case (he had one really bad diaper first thing friday morning and that was it).  We were so happy to have a fourth member of our family who could go and get us gatorade and ginger ale by the end of the day.  My poor hubby had been up all night the night before with it and seemed to be on the downhill side of it friday during the day, but he stayed home just in case as he was pretty exhausted and weak.  I was on the uphill slope of it all friday.  Good thing I had several good nurses to take care of me.  This is my BIL's dog Zooey.  She was most concerned about me.
Stella was also concerned, as in concerned about our running, as we had two runs planned for this weekend.
Stella's nursing skills include sitting on your chest, so you can't breath and putting her nose on your face.  It is really endearing as long as you can still draw breath.
Yes, andrew was very concerned about his various Thomas the trains getting sick so he coated them all in sanitizer
I felt better saturday morning,  so decided to move my run till that afternoon, and just do my recovery run, since hopefully I was in recovery mode illness wise.  I decided to go to the gym to get on the treadmill next to my BRF, since it was snowing and or raining ice pellets.  I didn't think I could handle super slow running in less than ideal weather.  I did 55 minutes of pretty slow and easy running.  I didn't even look at the miles, was just glad i got the time done, and didn't have any potty catastrophes.  I did start to burp towards then end, and I was still having those nasty egg burps, so I want to say a HUGE apology to the guy that got on the treadmill next to me after my BRF left:)
My view from my treadmill
After another rough night, I decided to run at home just in case of egg burps or worse.  It was weird, I felt fine saturday during the day, so much better so that I had eaten some foods sparingly, and we had gotten out and braved the crowds to get our grocery shopping done prior to the bad weather.  Even though I had a rough night Saturday night, I slept in thanks to my hubby (who was back to normal, thanks goodness) and moved my long run to that afternoon.  I had decided since the roads were covered in ice that the dreadmill was the best way to go.  I surely don't need a new injury thanks to falling on ice.  I had referenced one of those treadmill conversion charts and decided to go slow but to try to stay somewhat near how fast I go during a long run.  I try to stay around 10:30-10:45 but I have this weird fear of falling off of the treadmill, so even going that fast felt unsafe to me.  I followed the chart and increased my incline to 2% and kept it at 5.2 mph which was around 11 minute miles.  I also rocked out to my rock my run app and some podcasts near the end so I could forget the fact that I felt like i was dying a slow mental death.
I also decided to sport my super dorky brooks headband that I had acquired a while back during a shoe demo night at the MRC.  After my time on the dreadmill, it weighed 5 lbs.  I did sweat ALOT and I even chaffed.  I had the fan on and everything.  I really don't know how people do long runs on dreadmills.  I had to get off once around mile 2 to go to the potty (and I am very glad it was my home potty and not the one holer at the gym).  After that, my stomach settled and was fine.  I did do some experimenting with drinking gatorade during my run and I did gel at 45 minutes.  SO even though I didn't hit the mileage I needed to hit, I did put in the time and got some experimenting in.  BOOM.  Take a crappy run and get useful data out of it:)  Yep, I said data.  Scientist to the core baby.
I also tried running in my new swiftwick socks that I won through I run this Year.  Yes, I know I need to update my badge on the top of my blog page.  I do know that it is 2015.  I had been running in their normal swiftwick socks, as I had won a pair or was given a pair at some point last year.  Unfortunately, after two days of treadmill running, I have a huge blister on the bottom of my big toe and I am not sure if it is treadmill related or sock related.  Will have to test these out more on the road to make a final conclusion.  My hypothesis at this point is the blister is all treadmill related.  See, scientific theory again:)
I was really glad that I did get my longish run in prior to the super bowl last night.  We attended a party at a friend's house, and I knew there would be kick ass food and home brew there.  I was so hoping my stomach was up for the challenge, because I LOVE good food.  I think my hubby and I both ate very trepadaciously, and shared a couple of home brews, followed by about a gallon of water just in case.  We were both rewarded with good tummies last night and a good night's sleep, finally.
This little dude had a blast.  There were MANY children there of varying ages, and the boys that lived there had a train table, so he was pretty much upstairs all night long playing hard.  They also had a kitty who got a TON of attention from this little guy.  sigh.  I guess we need to look at introducing a kitty back to our pack.  He had not had a nap at all sunday, so I was really worried about melt downs, but he didn't have one till we left.  He proceeded to pitch a huge fit and then pass out as soon as we strapped him in the car seat.  We can't wait to go over and play/party again.  

I am looking forward to a nice week of no sickness and some good running!!!!  Have a great week y'all!



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