Sunday, February 22, 2015

The runs (LOL)

This is my week in running.  I started the week with the cold that was going around KSU.  It started out with just a sore throat and a raspy voice.  I decided to keep running all week until it got the best of me on Saturday, the day of my long run.  I spent most of the day in bed. I wasn't running a fever but I was coughing and congestion and just overall felt horrible.  Here is how my week ended up even though I had this stupid cold.

Monday:Rest day-One of these days my schedule is going to allow me to get back to the pool

Tuesday-Tempo run on the dreadmill, 5 minute warm up, 10 minutes easy running (5.2, 2% incline), 15 minutes 9:10-9:20  (6.3, 2%), 5 minutes easy (5.2, 2%), and 10 minutes hard (6.3, 2%).  I was really worried because I have honestly never done any speed work on the dreadmill (remember odd feeling of falling).  I started out at 6.1 and worked my way up to 6.3-6.4 for my tempo portions, and I surprisingly felt great.  This run gave me a TON of confidence about doing speed work on the treadmill.  Sore in my ankle lower leg area, lots of icing.  5 miles total.

Wednesday-Recovery run back on the dreadmill, 5 minute warm up, 40 minutes of 9 minute run, 1 minute walk, and 5 minutes cool down (5.2, 2% incline).  3.72 miles total.

Thursday-Hill repeats.  The roads weren't as cleared as i had hoped but the temp was bearable and my hill was clear.  8 repeats and walk down recovery.  4.85 miles total.


Saturday-Had planned a long run with my BRF.  Ended up spending most of this day in bed.  I am very glad I did this.  I have run through illnesses before and made them way worse.  I still won't forget the long run I had last year, coughing up a lung and eating I don't know how many cough drops.  I am kind of stubborn when it comes to schedules and I learned my lesson the hard way by having to take a full week off.  This time I decided history wouldn't repeat its self.

Sunday-After staying up late with andrew who decided that bedtimes were for the birds, I had already made up my mind to sleep in a little and go out a little later in the morning.  I still was on the fence as to what run I would do, a long run or a recovery run.  I got up and fueled and felt better but still not 100%.  I had decided to do my recovery run and just miss a long run.  It's not the end of the world and I was not to panicky about missing it.  I set out to run my 5 minute warm up, 30 minute easy, 20 minutes of 4x1s and 5 minutes cool down.  Despite the 15 MPH sustained north winds, I was dressed warmly and overall felt great.  Well, that is until about mile 2, when my tummy started talking to me.  It started saying things like, you'd better find a ditch and soon.  Well, I did have any TP with me so tried to make it home and well, that just didn't work.  I won't go into any details but I was unable to finish my run so had one more 4 x1 and the cool down left.  I still got 4.5 miles in and I will take it.  I am taking it easy the rest of the day and watching daytona and looking forward to a better week this week.

Note to self: Basically climbing hills for three workouts:one hill work out and two work outs on the treadmill at 2% incline is not a good idea.  Now that I have some confidence with running faster on the treadmill and not crashing and burning, will work on making the incline a little less severe.  My legs, specifically my old injury and my ankle are all not happy with me and i have been pretty much icing most of the week.

Total mileage for the week:


Tuesday=5 miles

Wednesday=3.72 miles

Thursday=4.85 miles





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