Thursday, February 12, 2015


Ah life, just when I think I have a nice easy routine down, you throw a curve ball at me.  I was so excited for this week of running.  I am sickness free and other than one re adjustment due to a planned dinner on wednesday night, I was gloriously returning to 5 days a week of running.  I was riding a huge runner's high from doing speed work and not dying during my long run.  I had briefly thought about changing my speed work on tuesday to my recovery run on thursday, but when I peeked at my plan for the week, I noticed I had speed work both days.  I had to pick my poison.

The weather was still pretty nice tuesday, so I chose to keep my 400 meter repeats on that day and save my tempo run for the colder day, which always helps me hit my pace a little easier.  Let's just say that Tuesday night's run was amazing. I was able to keep all of my repeats under my time i was shooting for.  The sun was still up for most of my run, so I could actually see the gravel road and my surroundings and no creepers on the road this time.  I did kind of misjudge how long it was going to take to get through 10x400 m repeats with a 15 minute warm up and cool down.  Whoops.  Thank goodness for walk back recovery, so I could text my hubby and let him know I was still alive and running.  By the end of my work out, I had hit almost 7 miles of running, YIKES!  I floated on a cloud for quite a while feeling very badass about that work out.

Then life happened as it usually does.  I had a dinner wednesday night, so no running, and thursday morning around 3 am, andrew woke up with a tummy ache that proceeded into vomiting and diarrhea.  I was up scrubbing floors and toilets and my poor hubby had to get up and take a shower with andrew to clean both of them off (my hubby seems to always be a target of the puking).  While I really, really needed to work, today, I wasn't sure if this was stomach bug number 4 or just this random tummy thing he had been having.  We finally got back in bed around 6 am, and slept till 8:30, at which time my hubby found out that he didn't have to work this morning due to some issues at the plant, yeah! He did have to go in at lunch time for a meeting this afternoon.  While we didn't catch up on our sleep, we got a little more before he had to head out and I had to pull it together and be a stay at home mom for the day.  I also had to make sure all the experiments at work were taken care of.  Add on top of that the fact that andrew has refused to nap today for some odd reason (did someone slip him some caffeine when I wasn't looking?), and you have one tired mom and kiddo.  I still need to run tonight, but there is no way I can pull off a serious tempo run so once again, moving my runs around.  I can just do an easy run tonight, speed work tomorrow night, a shorter recovery run saturday and then my long run sunday.

Yawn.  Pass the coffee!!!!  Going to go run with my BRF at the gym on the dreadmills (even though I have one at home) so that she can try and keep me awake for at least 40 or so minutes.  Just had me a big ole cup of go juice (and I may regret that later tonight when I am trying to sleep).

BTW, I am on instagram now, so look for redaussie3.  I am participating in an instagram challenge by Run This Year and am really having fun with it.  I should have joined a long time ago!  Now I don't have to bore my childless friends with 100 pictures a day of my kiddo LOL.  I can just drive my followers crazy!

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