Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Pat's Aggieville Race

I am kind of excited.  Well, okay, after my last post, I really didn't know how today would go.  I probably shouldn't have run and I may or may not be lame tomorrow, but I feel great right now.  A few weeks ago, I coerced a running buddy of mine, Mel G to sign up for the local St. Pat's day races.  Our town, being a college town, does two St. Pat's days, one for the college kids called Fake St. Pat's day, and one for the townies, where they have family oriented events, a road race, and a parade.  They have had a 2 mile and 10 K for like 30 or so years (or so I was told, may be wrong), yet I have never run it.  I had decided that not only did I want to run both, but i wanted to dress up.  I never get silly or dress up, and i decided it was time.  Then this week happened, and i thought what have I done?  Not only had we bought stuff for our costumes, we had signed up for both races, the 2 miler and the 10 K.  As any good runners do, we both decided to take some rest days, and hope by race day that we would be okay.  I also started taking advil along with my icing, and hit the bike to cross train.

My plan was this, take it easy.  I have always had trouble not racing races, so I knew this would be hard.  My leg doesn't really hurt when I run, so that makes it even tougher.  We had the 2 miler first, and boy were there TONS of people, including some very slow people who had no business at the front and some walkers at the very front.  Why do they even give instructions if NO ONE LISTENS?  Well, most did, but some didn't, and that made it super hard to pace your self at the beginning.  Lesson learned, even though I am not technically "fast" I will still try to gravitate closer to the front.  I really didn't decide on a specific pace for this one, but tried very hard to take it easy.  I ended up running about my 10 K pace, or a little under actually, and i am shocked because it did not feel hard at all.  The course was super flat, one and a half times around the city park area on the side walks and then back into aggieville.  Speedy Mel ended up winning her age division and I ended up 7th.  
Next up was the 10 K.  We had about 20 minutes post 2 mile race to rest and then line up again.  I was shocked at how many did the 10 K.  I had always heard there weren't as many for this race but 514 is a pretty good number for a small town race, especially when most of the population is students and they are all gone for spring break.  Again, I hadn't really a plan for this race, other than take it easy.  I didn't really feel tired until probably mile 5 and that was hard because we crossed through aggieville on our way back to City park for the last mile.  The first few miles took us out of aggieville and through campus, all the way almost to the KSU animal units.  It was  very nice out and back course with nice gentle hills and nice flat places to pick up speed.  I took it easy and tried to stick to around my HMRP which was 9:30.  I even had a sprint at the end with a dude that ended up time wise beating me, but I beat him across the finishers mat.  We hugged and high fived afterwards because that is what runners do, even if we don't know each other at all.  
Afterwards we had some water and doughnuts.  
Why doughnuts?  Because Varsity Doughnuts is nationally known and Mel had never been so she had to experience the goodness.  AND of course, hello carbs post race?  YES!
We also had to partake in the awards ceremony.  They had a podium and medals for those who finished 1-3rd.  They even had ribbons for those who finished 4-10th.  
I don't think I have gotten a ribbon since my horse showing days.  I was way to excited about this little ribbon LOL!  My leg was fine during the run, although my ankle is now at almost 10 pm hurting a little.  We did walk around quite a bit afterwards, partaking in all of the st pat's festivities, and even having a little girl time minus the kiddos. Then after returning to wamego, I had to get in a nice long walk with my BRF to catch up after we got back.  I really, really liked this race, both courses, and hope to be back next year when I am not lame, so I can really push it.  I enjoyed doing the combo today as basically my long run and really happy that I had 0 amount of pain during my run.  If my leg is okay tomorrow, will do a nice SLOW, short run.  If not, the bike it is and then monday, bring on the master of pain!

Have a great weekend!

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