Thursday, April 23, 2015

A quiet recovery week

This is the face of someone who has caught yet another viral mess, probably from my kiddo.  Yes, I am sick yet again.  Yes, I just want to go home and curl up in bed and die.  My nose either drips like a facet or clogs up so I can't breath at all.  My normal go to  OTC cold meds aren't even touching this crap, which is  not a good sign.  I may over dose on cough drops.  My hubby and son are hacking their guts up but so far, I just have a dry cough from a tickling in my throat.  The good news is my son only had it for a week and he is already tons better so here is to hoping I will be the same way.  

There was this!  I along with every other runner not in Boston celebrated the running of the Boston Marathon.  I was tracking several runners, including several of my favorite bloggers and my coach just to name a few.  I saw one of the bloggers and my coach cross the finish line.  I am thinking I will get Coach Jenny to recap Boston once she gets back and gets recovered.  I will probably never get to run Boston, as I have heard even charity bibs are super hard to get (and then you have to raise a minimum of 5 K dollars), so I would love to live in the moment with her words.  Most of the bloggers are back and recapping the race and it has been a fun week to read all of their triumphs and tribulations.

Since I have been sick, I have been taking it pretty easy all week running and cross training wise.  I took sunday-tuesday completely off.  I did a 3 mile, walk/run yesterday where for every mile I ran, I walked 1 minute.  Stella was super glad to be out again and Deuce was super sad we left him.  I am hoping to get one more run in tonight and then rest up for the Dog and Jog on Saturday.  That use to be an annual race for me, and then they started having it the same weekend as one of my favorite dog shows.  Since I am not doing any dog shows right now (sad face), I can run it again.  It also has a 1.5 K kids run and I am going to see if Andrew wants to do it.  That may still be way to much for him so we may wait till next year, but if he wants to try it, we can walk/run it together.  He told me last night as I was leaving that he wanted to run with me.  It really does rip my heart out when he begs me not to go.

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