Saturday, April 18, 2015

Garmin Half Marathon Recap and a quick trip to Tennessee part one

Wow, what a crazy few days.  Let me start with the death of Grandma Coleman.  She passed Wednesday night and the funeral was planned for Friday.  We hurriedly packed for leaving on Thursday to make the long trip.  With Andrew, trips take a bit longer now,  and things like finding fast food with play places is mighty important (Thanks McDonald's app).
The trip for the most part was good.  We had a mix of sleeping, playing at an awesome McDonald's play place in Columbia MO, watching of Thomas on our new portable DVD player, and some netflix videos on my cell phone.
We were fine till about an hour from home.  Andrew decided he was DONE.  We had to get out and walk around at a local Walgreens, and of course Easter candy was still on sale.  A little chocolate makes everything better, right?
The two littles came with us and my awesome dog sitter took care of the reds.  Bless her.  Seriously.  We contemplated taking stella, and I am glad we decided against it.  They were fine in Becky's capable hands.  
I even got a nice quick 3 miles in after we unloaded.  I ran on a route we use to walk on, when I was in college in Martin.  I even ran past the old trailer park I lived in as a student.  That is where I initially met Tony, just as friends at that time:)
It was slightly hot and humid, and of course it got dark quicker than I am use to in Kansas, but it was good to stretch out my legs.  The funeral and visitation was Friday and it was very well done.  The flowers were beautiful, the service was short and sweet, and my mom took andrew, so I didn't have to chase him all over the funeral home.  After the funeral and grave side services, mom and I loaded up and headed to Kansas.  Yes, at 5 pm we headed out for a 7 and a half hour trip.   Yes, we have lost our minds.
We stopped at Lambert's for the throwed rolls  carbs.  I had the carbiest meal I could find on their menu.  Mom had the BIGGEST cup of coffee I have ever seen.  She was going to need it though.  She is a warrior queen.  She drove the entire way back to Kansas, while I slept.  Warrior Queen!
Since I am running long, going to split this post:)  We arrived in Olathe KS at 1:30 am and promptly passed out.  Part two: the actual race!


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