Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter recap

Happy Monday!  What a great weekend at the Coleman house!  I started out the weekend with a long run.  Remember I was given a choice of 8-10?  I headed out to do 10 and ended up with 10 and it was a beautiful day for a run.  I pretty much smiled the entire 10 miles.  I ended up sleeping in versus getting up early and I am glad I did.  It meant I had to deal with the crazy wind, but snuggles with little red are more important.  I even took a little detour off of my normal route to go say hi to the river.  I may have trespassed a little, but I have seen others go down this path so there.
I sure do love this route so much.  It's a little over 6 if you just do it as a loop from my house, or you can get 8 if you do 4 out and then do 4 back.  It's mostly flat and not shaded, so not my choice when the temps get hotter but for now, it's perfect.  It also allows no protection from the wind, so it can get dang challenging going into the wind at times.
The rest of the weekend was devoted to Easter.  I guess I should back up a little.  I had taken friday off because work is sort of slow lately (we go through crazy busy times and super slow times) and to chaperon a trip to the local retirement community for andrew's preschool.  I also needed to help the easter bunny pick out stuff for andrew's basket without andrew being present so this worked out perfect for this.  For Andrew's school trip, I drove these two cuties to the easter egg hunt.  The retirement center holding the hunt did not disappoint.  FOUR hallways FULL of eggs FULL of chocolate.  These two boys loaded up and had a super fun time.  I didn't get many pictures, because i was pretty much chasing after them, making sure they were letting all the other kids get eggs too.  Suprisingly, everything went very very well.  We only had one little spat over an egg (some of them were themed and that caused a little problem here and there),but overall the kids were super cute and super polite.  They even sang songs for the inhabitants and thanked them when we were done.  Very well behaved kids made for a very nice experience.
We did learn a very valuable lesson this weekend.  NEVER take a child hopped up on Easter candy to any situation where they have to sit still.  We had free tickets to the KSU baseball game friday night, and even though it was a little chilly, decided to take andrew with us.  Let's just say it was a short game.  After eating a hot dog and a cheese burger, he was done and ready to leave.  This was a pic of him trying to put my gloves on his hands and having a melt down because he couldn't fit his fingers into the glove fingers successfully.  Lesson learned!
 We slept in again Sunday morning and then all woke up to go see what the Easter bunny had left.  After inspection of the basket and it's contents and eating of some chocolate Easter Sunday morning, we spent the day playing out in the sun and cleaning up the yard of yard bombs.  Perfect sunday!
Deuce's new harness came in this week too so we put it to good use on our weekly walks.  Since I am trying to recovery and be smart about this racing season, and I still need to get out, I have been doing 3 mile or more walks and Deuce has been going with us.  My hubby even came with us yesterday on his bike while I pushed andrew in the jogging stroller.  

I hope y'all had a great weekend and a great holiday. Only two more days of running this week and then the big one Rock the Parkway, half number 2 of four this spring!  Getting SO excited!

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