Thursday, April 9, 2015

Leading up to Rock The Parkway or my A race!

 I dread telling her she is staying home this weekend
T minus two days till the Rock the Parkway half!  EEEK!  I am SO excited!  Traveling down with Miss Amanda on Friday to take in the expo and get our bibs and shop.  I also get my heartland series tech tee at that time:)  I am so hoping for the perfect storm so I can get that big PR I am wanting!  I know that the Wicked half had the ideal conditions, light wind, cool temps and a home course with rolling hills.  When I did this course last year, we had record high heat for the spring (which none of us runners had trained in up to that point), it was my second half ever, and I honestly thought it was super hilly.  Now looking back I think it was the flattest of all of the halfs I did:)  I turned in a time of 2:15:something so anything better than that is a victory!  I did sign up for a slower wave as I didn't think I would be faster this time, so I may have trouble catching up to the 2:05 pacer.  Supposedly, you aren't suppose to move up to another wave, only back, and I am trying not to let all of that get into my mind and freak me out. I can get a PR without a pacer, and maybe chasing after that wave will not wind me, but help me stay on pace.  
last year with a younger little red
This last two weeks, I have scaled back my runs, 18 miles broken up into 2 easy runs and a long run two weeks before each half, and 12 miles broken up into three runs,  not counting the half the week of the half.  No speed work (other than the race itself) and no hill repeats, just nice easy runs.  I am enjoying  the easy runs, but feeling the pang of missing out on some good speed work endorphins.  If fact, just running three days a week has made me a feel a little out of sorts.  I have been kind of moody lately, and I think a huge part of it is not getting my sweat on as much as I use to (and also an extra family member that can't seem to find a place to live other than our guest room has something to do with it:).  I have been cross training in the form of biking and walking, which helps a tiny bit.  My ankle, while still ouchy on occasion, seems to be healing.  I have gone from all day pain and icing and advil,  to  icing and advil as needed.  

This next week after RTP will be a crucial week.  Last year, between Rock the Parkway and Garmin, I had two weeks to recover.  This week, I just have one!!!!   This should get interesting.  Then I have a three week break till my next half, Running with the Cows.  By then, my main goal may just be upright and to be able to complete the race!

Well, look for a recap after my race and keep good thoughts for me since this is my A race!

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