Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hunting for Shrooms!

 We did something new today.  My hubby has always wanted to go morel hunting.  Morels are mushrooms that are very delicious (although not to me) and are fun to go hunting for in Kansas in the spring.  Since we don't own land, or know anyone who does, we have to hit up local state park areas.  Tony knew about this little known trail over at Tuttle Creek, so we headed over to check it out.

At the trail head there was a really fun play ground that we spent quite a bit of time at before and after the hunt.   I may or may not have slid down the tube slide a few times.  

We didn't see any mushrooms although we found TONS of poison ivy.  I am so hoping we didn't actually touch any of it.  I guess we will find out shortly.  We looked in every ravine and ditch and dead tree pile, but didn't find any morels.  We did find some awesome wild life and lots and lots of snails and sticks.  We stopped for burgers on our way home and ice cream, and shortly later, little red passed out .  I had fun and am looking forward to going back to that trail for maybe some running. It is only a mile long loop but the scenery is nice enough that multiple loops wouldn't be boring.  The trail is mostly dirt/crush limestone/grass so it would be a nice respite for all of the road running we do.  Leashed dogs were allowed although ticks would probably be an issue and would have to be delt with.  

Have a happy Sunday!

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