Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free race pics and goals!

You have to love free race pictures.  While my feet are out more than I would like, I do surely love this picture.  I think I was at the end of the race because of the spectators present.  I was catching a second wind at this point and trying to finish strong.

I am still really excited from this race.  I felt like everything lined up for the perfect storm, exactly what I had been hoping for.  I felt like my training was spot on, even with the little blips of sickness and nagging injuries that flared up and here and there.  All of this makes me SO excited to start marathon training.  I have set a goal, I have met it and I am ready for the next one!  This is why I 
 absolutely love running, the goal setting.  I love that I can put in the hard work and see the fruits of my labor.  I know there still will be the potential for failure and I am mentally set up to handle those things.  If there is anything that doing dog agility for 13 years and countless nationals has taught me, it is how to deal with failure and move on.

This weekend is going to be very interesting.  We have known about my hubby's grandma's failing health for a while now.  Hospice has been taking care of her for a few weeks in her home, but today has been the worse.  I am trying to figure out scenarios in my head and not seem like the most selfish person ever.  I don't want to miss my race, but I do want to be supportive of my hubby and be there for family.  Since she hasn't passed yet, nothing is set, so not knowing how to even start to plan is worrying me.  I really like plans, Type A here ya know.  I did call the Heartland Series people today and if I miss this race, yes I forfeit this year, but I don't have to start over the whole series as it doesn't have to be consecutive years.  I was worried that if I didn't finish this year that I would have to start back over at year one.  That makes me feel better for sure, but still conflicted on what to do.  My biggest concern is if I leave tomorrow with the rest of the family and she doesn't pass, that I may have to make two trip which will be super costly.  My gut reaction is to stay here for now and possibly fly out tomorrow if they are going to get the funeral ready by friday.  The not knowing is the hardest part.

This is a quilt Grandma Coleman made for Andrew at his birth. I will always love and cherish it for ever and ever.  Rest in peace Grandma Coleman.  You have lived a very long and wondeful life.  Your legacy lives on in your children and grand children.

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