Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stats and tired

me trying to get whatever blew into my mouth out LOL!
I love looking at stats from races.  I am a middle of the pack kind of gal, so any time I am a little slightly better than average, it delights me!  For this race  out of 1886 runners overall, I came in 750. Out of 1159 women overall, I came in 327. Out of 229 women in my age group, i came in 72!!! I am so blown away by my progress! I keep asking myself what in the heck has changed this training cycle versus last cycle. Sydney was an awesome coach, so what is so different about being coached by Jenny? The workouts by both ladies has been equally as hard. I really think what has changed is the mental aspect and I totally blame Jenny:). I have always been puzzled by the fact that in training, I could hit some good paces but in races I couldn't. I was so wrapped up in all the rules, don't go out to fast, stay with the pace group, don't, don't, don't. I have found through doing speedwork during my long run and by letting my body really dictate the pace (and not harping on some of the rules), I have been able to hit those same paces during my races. It feels so good!!!!! I really feel like I can push it even faster and plan on doing just that thing in the Running with the Cows half in three weeks. Of course as always, I need the perfect storm of weather/health/fuel to reach this goal. Mom is coming back up (bless her heart) to be with me Friday and cheer me on that Saturday. I am really stoked to try once again for my 2:05! I am also ready for some hard training again. I didn't realize how much I loved it till I had to go without for a couple of months. I am also really excited to start marathon training. Crazy that not even a year ago, just saying the word marathon made me scared, and now I am super duper excited! The mileage no longer scares me. The training runs, heck even the long runs during the week, as well as weekends no longer scares me. I am ready for the next challenge! I should hear back about Chicago in the next couple of weeks. Then I will better know when my training starts. I am still thinking about Wichita, as well as St. Jude in Memphis.

Heading up the yellow brick road!
My poor mom headed back today to deliver van keys to the boys, so they can come back tomorrow. It's so funny, I think about how nice it will be to have some time by myself, and all I have done today is miss tony and Andrew. I have absent mindedly cleaned and organized all day. I even had dinner with my BRF, just so I could be around people and not be by myself! My poor mom got stuck in the aftermath of two wrecks today, but by the time I am writting this, she is finally home. One wreck added 2 hours onto her trip! I am going to owe her one hell of a mother's day present. I am ready to have everything back to normal!!!! Now if I can just get sleepy and go to bed. Figures that when andrew isn't here or goes to bed early that I can't go to sleep for love nor money!

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