Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello Recovery week and GASP Half marathon #2

I fully expected to be way more sore.  Maybe I shouldn't type that LOL!  I was fine yesterday other than being a little tired overall, but figured today would be rough.  I am so shocked that I am not really sore at all!!!!  I made sure to drink tons of water saturday afternoon and yesterday, and I used my stick to roll out.  I didn't do any recovery running, but did walk all over the Tulip Festival grounds.
The tulips were absolutely stunning this year.  Way to go city of Wamego and mother nature!!!!  
Thanks to the model train exhibit, we spent most of our time in this part of the park.  I guess I will take this over the bouncy houses.  They mysteriously (and thankfully) were torn down over night.  Little red got to bounce in them Saturday morning while I was racing, but couldn't go in the houses with the bigger kids, and he was sad (apparently they were way cooler than the toddler bounce house).  They had told us to come really early Sunday morning so that he could bounce in the bigger houses.  Oh well, there is always the next festival!
I absolutely love the smoothie truck that comes to our local festivals.  I could have a strawberry/banana smoothie every day for breakfast!
As always, I manage to find a gem to add to our house.  This is a local photographer who loves taking pictures of the prairie.  Her framed, matted prints were very, very reasonably priced, so we purchased this one.  It just looks like a place I would like to run.
Of course you can't beat festival food.  I was still in recovery mode, so little red and I shared some chicken and waffles.  They were the perfect mix of carbs and protein!
Little red also got to drink his first fresh root beer.  He LOVED it!  Glad he likes all of these foods and drinks that I don't.  Root beer tastes like black licorice to me, bleh!
We also found some super cute aprons.  Little red loves helping daddy cook, so he had to have this one!  They were closing out their booth so sold it to us for 5 bucks.  Love craft fairs!  

All and all, we had a great time and I was able to stretch out my legs, and apparently ward off any soreness.  I am back to my PT exercises and easy runs this week.  So far, knock on wood, my ankle has been very cooperative.  No pain really, more just a little tight, but still icing when needed, and taking some advil at night just in case.  This coming weekend will be interesting.  I have NO time goals and just want to have fun.  Bring it Heartland Series!  Garmin Half Marathon, I am coming for ya!

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