Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let's Have a Beer

Yeah, I know, most of these confessional thingies go out the last day of the month or the first of the month but mine is a little delayed for a few reasons.  Grab your favorite pumpkin beer, and let's have some runfessions.

As I sip on my Harvest Shandy brewed by Leinekugels, I am rethinking my spring goals.  I am really sold on the 50K distance and wouldn't mind doing another one, IF I can find one in cooler weather.  I want it to be me against the course, not me against the course and the weather.  Less variables please:)  I still want to do the Andrew Jackson Marathon as well, but I am thoroughly sold on the 50K distance now and the experience. Spoiler alert (while waiting to post this post because of see paragraph 3, I posted about my goals for the spring:)

Might sneak in a little bit of Shiner Cheer here, even though it is still in the 80s outside!!!!  I am a lover of fall, and we just aren't having it this year.  We just trick or treated in 80 degree weather, and we still have MOSQUITOS!!!!  I am so tired of warm weather, but not ready for the frigid temps of winter either.  I was so sad that at the run last weekend, most of the trees had lost their leaves already.  I guess due to global warming that we are going to skip fall AGAIN this year and go straight to crazy winter.

Moving to a nice full bodied stout now.  I runfess that I am super stressed about my hubby starting his own business.  We are putting a ton of money out there, and I know he can do it, but failure is always a possibility, and recovering from failure is super scary.  I runfess that I hope I don't have to live in my old bedroom in Tennessee at my parent's house if this tanks, but we are jumping with both feet with this business, so here goes nothing (and keep my pillows fluffed for me mom just in case).  Just a shameless plug here though, my hubby specializes in Commercial and Industrial, but will also do residential if needed.  He already has one big industrial client but we will always be searching for more.  At this time,  I will continue working at my normal science job, but if he needs help, I guess I will be hanging up my scientific hat for a while to pitch in.  Kind of makes me excited that andrew will have a business to inherit, if he so wishes.

Let's just have one more of those stouts.  I runfess that I am a little worried about my kiddo.  The preschool that he goes to uses a color chart for behavior, and he is commonly on the bottom three colors.  I am also worried because the wonderful teacher that has been working with me and helping me make decisions on how to deal with said behaviors is leaving to be a stay at home mom.  I know there are lots of great teachers there, but I surely do love her, and while I wish her luck (and know exactly how she feels cause I was there too at one time and still am there occasionally), I am worried about andrew's final year there.  He still isn't really recognizing letters and numbers and while I am told this is nothing to worry about, hello, have you met me?  We have just started really understanding the concept of coloring and staying in the lines, so there is that.  Be patient, right? He has come around on all other things thus far, so I need to just wait, trust in the process, and be excited when it happens.

Okay now that I am probably drunk, unless I just took a real sip from each beer, I am going to stop!  It's been crazy lately and I am not running while I take a brief recovery from my 50K which makes me even more cray cray.  Happy election day and hope you don't have a hang over from reading my post!

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