Sunday, November 13, 2016

The In between Week 2

Not sure if I should count last week as part of the in between, but I guess it is.  This is the start of my easy running.  I wasn't really sore or too tired post my 50 K but now that I am back at it, OUCH.  I am going to be very, very careful since I have quite an ambitious spring coming up.  If you didn't read my other post, basically I am doing a road marathon as a warm up for my next 50 K, plus a few halfs thrown in for good measure.  Let's talk about this week, shall we?

Monday:  Rest day/Wrestling practice.  Still debating about going back to a MWF running schedule with either sat or sun as my long run day.  For now keeping the same and staying at running in the am.  Usually by now I switch my runs to PM runs but with little man starting sports, our nights are taken up with practices and hurried dinners (and way too much Mcdonalds, need to change that).  We started our journey into the world of wrestling.  We are doing a free clinic with the local wrestling club to see if he would like to try wrestling.  Even though he took a blow to the nose this week, it seems like he LOVES it.  Thank god my BRF and her hubby are part of the club.  I am not sure anyone else would have the patience needed to teach kids andrew's age how to wrestle.

Tuesday:  3 miles.  We did 3 miles with the safety run at our local running store Manhattan Running Company.  I seriously don't know what people do without a local running store.  We ran a little route and had give aways and glow sticks and fun.  Then we came home to a big fat mess in election night.  I didn't get much sleep and was pretty useless wednesday.

This is all I am going to say about the election.  My candidate did not win, and I am moving on.   I have been very proud of myself, because I have kept my opinions off of social media, which is SUPER hard for me when I am so passionate about something.  For those that can debate (on either side) and keep emotions out of it, I salute you.  I can't.  Moving on.

Wednesday:  Cross training.  Thank you time change.  Guess my bike needs to go on the trainer.  Sigh.  Not ready for the boredom that is bike trainer rides and treadmill runs.

Thursday:  4 miles.  Back to our am runs.  Deuce man came with.  Even melly was impressed with his new found running skills.  Wrestling in the PM.  Learning so much about the world of wrestling.  Andrew wrestled with a kid his age, but stronger. He got popped in the nose pretty good on accident, luckily at the end of the clinic.  He chose to sit out while they free wrestled, but joined back in for freeze tag at the end.  

Friday:  Cross training.  Opted for an early dinner and an early bedtime.  Although popped over to Melly's house to watch her paint so the boys could play.

Found a sand shrew in her house and caught it for her :)  Stella and I did take a nice long 30 minute walk, in which she pulled the entire time.  Watch out world, Stella ella is making a come back!

Saturday:  6 miles.  A longish run to see where my legs are at this point.  Was sore a little, but nothing too bad.  Deuce did wonderful and at one point I had freezing fog on my eye lashes but couldn't get a good picture of it.  Also did another 30 minute walk with Stella Ella.  Again pulling like a sled dog the entire time which is an amazing thing!  One thing I have noticed that kind of concerns me.  No migrating birds yet on the river.  Usually we are seeing geese or something come through, but I haven't seen but maybe one V of canadian geese.  This to me is kind of unsettling.  

Sunday:  3 miles.  Had thought about doing 5, but coach kind of convinced me otherwise.  The name of the game is a slow recovery, so I can go into my next cycle 100%.  We did 3 miles with walk breaks every mile for a tenth of a mile.  Deuce and I really enjoyed the beautiful fall weather FINALLY!

A whopping 16 miles this week.  I will take what I can get.  Body is still pretty tired and slow, and a little sore so will be taking it easy again next week.  Kind of nice to just enjoy my runs.  Have a great week!

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