Thursday, November 17, 2016

The in between week 3

Another week of the in between!

Pretty sure I should get these for all the runners in my life for christmas presents.  What do you think:)

Monday:  Rest day.  Little man and i are trying to come down with something, so I am taking vitamin C like it is going out of style.  I don't have time to be sick.  We both feel feverish, but our temps are oddly enough normal.  He has a ton of congestion, and I do as well, but mine is draining down my throat pretty regularly while his is coming out of his nose.  Taking it easy, early bedtimes, and lots of hydration.  We shall beat this!  Also diffusing breathe in our diffuser.  I really do think it makes a huge difference when we are home and near it.

Tuesday:  Coach gave us a range.  We could do 5-6 miles.  We chose 5 miles, so we could sleep a little later.  It was cold when we got up so took a lot of convincing to get my butt out of the door.  I can handle cold so much better in the afternoons for some odd reason.  I also took stella ella for another 30 minute walk and she is still pulling like no one's business.  She even started tugging on the leash wanting to go faster.  Wrestling practice again.  One more session before we have to make a decision on whether or not to continue.

Wednesday:  Cross training.  Well, since the DST kicked in, I haven't been able to bike after work.  One of Andrew's little friends invited him to go to dinner and then play afterwards, so instead of cross training i.e. getting my bike on the trainer, I opted to go with and have fun. Bad michelle.  Some day I will get back to cross training like I should.

Thursday:  Again we had a range of 5-6 miles.  We chose 5 miles on the basis that we had a strong 16 mph south wind hitting us and basically making us feel like we were standing still.  I also was paying for the dollar margarita night, so had to stop and make a pit stop in a field.  Live and learn:)  Took stella out for another 30 minute walk post run.  Getting so hard to keep her walking, this little lady wants to RUN!

Last night of free wrestling clinic.  Time to make some decisions.  I am leaning towards having him on the team, letting him practice once a week and then letting him do the home match, only if he wants to at that time.  We are going to go ahead and pay the fees and see how it goes.  Luckily we just have to pay a deposit on his singlet and he gets his very own wrestling shirt for his other fees.  I guess I am officially a wrestling mom!

Friday: Cross training.  You know the drill.  Motivation, where are you????  A side note.  Naughty stella is in full effect right now but sometimes I think she talks deuce into doing bad things too so she isn't always to blame.  Hence this:

Let me explain what you are witnessing.  Andrew is in a huge coloring phase right now.  Most nights are spent coloring multiple pictures, so I had broken out my old stash of crayons that I had boxed up years ago when I quit coloring.  He was really, really digging this box of 64 crayons, that is until some dog, probably deuce, decided it would be fun to eat them.  The only reason I finger Deuce is that he has always had a thing for crayons and would gladly eat any left behind and out.  He ate EVERY.SINGLE.CRAYON.  and then I am guessing proceeded to puke them up in the upstairs bathroom.  Let's just say that was the most colorful vomit I have ever seen.  The tile is stained, but I think it is kind of funny.  He has also had some very colorful poop lately as well.  I am pretty sure he acted alone, as no one else has rainbow poop in the dog family.  Naughty aussies need to run MORE!

Saturday:  A chilly almost 10 miles.  I sure do love running in winter/fall!

I kind of sort of forgot my fuel.  Coach had given us a range again 8-10 miles.  I had decided I would go by feel, and do what felt good.  I had to make a pit stop at the air port thanks to a new beer I had to try friday night.  
I am a sucker for Tall Grass beers

Glad we have an available porta potta since we are running in daylight now to stay warm.  I actually broke out the buff and the fleece lined tights for this run!  BRRR!  Feels like 20, YES please!  I got about an hour in and my body reminded me that I 1)didn't really fuel properly the night before for a 10 mile run, and 2) needed a little something something right about now.  I contemplated calling the hubs for an emergency fuel drop off, but then just decided to push through.  Ended up with 9.7 something total.  

Stole this from another ultra runner's page.  As he said, make it 9 pm and you got it right!

Funny story, my hubby had made brownies the night before.  Most nights I am in bed by 8:30 or 9 and asleep shortly there after.  I remember andrew coming in and announcing that daddy made brownies but I was snoozing and didn't care.  Fast forward to my run, all I could think about was one of those brownies and some coffee post run.  I literally thought of that damn brownie for almost 2 hours.  When I got home, I noticed stella was in the backyard by herself.  Hmmmm.  I open the door and there are three brownies sitting out on the ledge that is between our stove and our back doors.  Before I can blink, stella races forward, leaps onto the trunk, and gobbles those brownies down.  Double hmmmm.   I go upstairs and find the boys coloring, and i get the story that the pan of brownies (not completely full) was out while they were eating their mid morning brownie snack (because everyone does that right?) and stella snuck into the kitchen and proceeded to knock the pan off and indulge.  The brownies that were left on the ledge were the ones they salvaged and I unfortunately missed out because stella ate those too.  Luckily for us, stella has a garbage gut and other than some extra poo, she has been fine.  I forgot how naughty stella is when she feels well.  Sigh.  

Sunday: 35 minutes of either walk/run or just walk. I decided to use this time to get stella back into the groove.  We did a quarter of a mile walking and a quarter of a mile running for the entire 35 minutes.  We got around 2.4 miles in even with the wind blowing HARD.  She seems okay, lots of trotting when I am walking and lots of sprinting when she is off leash.  Will see how this week goes and keep that routine in place.  

22 miles this week.  Will be at this for probably a few weeks.  Going to try and be good and get back to strength training and PT exercises next week.  Please hold me accountable!  Have a great week!!!

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