Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stella Ella recheck November edition

This will be quick but wanted to update how our visit to KSU went today.  We finally are seeing ONLY one attending, and ONLY go in if he is on rotations in Internal Medicine that day.

She is such an old pro at this now.  She hasn't been stuck or drained lately, so she is back to loving going and meeting all the people who love her and only her (well in her little red headed mind).  

We seem to be getting in and out pretty quickly now.  I still take the whole day and try to get as much errands as I possibly can done.  We have decided to wait a little longer before we start testing again, and that is fine by me.  Just the medications are costing me around 200 bucks a month, so less vet bill is greatly appreciated. 

The plan goes like this:

Reduce pred to 10 mg every other day.  I asked about 5 mg a day and then 5 mg every other day, but he wanted to try 10 mg every other day first.  I am a little nervous, as this is how she relapsed last time but this time we are on the cyclosporine, and we weren't on that extra drug last time.  

We can slowly return to exercise.  I will probably follow the same plan of walking and increasing by 5 minute intervals till she can comfortably walk 30 minutes at a time, and then start back to lower mileage running. 

Check in with the attending via email in two weeks.  Recheck in a little over a month.  At that time we will probably do some blood work and test her urine for protein.

Pray for no relapse this time and pray that we can get her fully off of the pred.  I don't mind paying big bucks for a drug that works and does less damage to her body, so if we have to stay on the cyclosporine for a time, that is fine by me.  

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