Saturday, February 4, 2017

Stella update: February edition

Here it is February and I am hoping I will only be giving you monthly updates.  Overall, she has been doing GREAT!  She hasn't had any limping or lameness, been very active, and has been growing back all of her hair.  Just to remind you, we are on 15 mg of steroid once a day every other day, 25 mg of azathioprine once a day, every other day, enalapril 20 mg twice a day.

I think, hope, pray, that this is the combo she needs to get her off the pred.  Yesterday, we had urine protein testing done and blood work to make sure the azathioprine isn't doing damage.  I am still waiting on results.  Thus far, the plan is to remove the steroid period from her drug list and see how she does.  I am scared, but ready to get rid of this horrible drug.  She really doesn't have any lingering symptoms from the pred, which is odd because I feel like 15mg is still a large amount.  She occasionally has accidents in the house, and is always hungry, but she was always hungry before the roids.  Dr. S was very careful to let me know that remission can always be transient, and that this disease is a life long issue.  He also said that the disease could be resolving on its own and the drugs really aren't doing anything, but time will tell.  I am very encouraged either way that we are heading in the right direction and that we might be able to remove at least some of the drugs that I pump into her system.  

Update:  Stella's protein dumping seems under control!  YIPEEE!!!! Of course we don't know if it is due to the disease being under control, the lack of pred in her system, or the lack of truly hard exercise, but I am super excited!!!!

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