Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 7 Heartland 50 training

What a weird week.  Spring already?  My tulips are coming up, the grass is greening up, and the birds are back full force.  While I love not having to wear so much clothing, I do NOT like running in heat and humidity.  I am NOT ready!

This kid LOVES Chinese food.  I don't think I ate Chinese food till I was in grad school!

Monday:  Rest day!  Grocery shopping and a stop for Chinese food before shopping.  Little red loves egg drop soup!

Rainbow poop emoji found while shopping.  Kind of cute.
Tuesday: Mile repeats x 4 with one mile WU and one mile CD.  Am I the only one that pukes a little in my mouth when i see mile repeats on my schedule???  Not sure why the strike so much fear in my heart, but they do.  Add in that I didn't get much sleep Monday night and canceled our morning run, so got to think about the impending run all day.  As always, it was a tough work out but managed to hit all of the paces coach wanted.  She mainly wanted me to stay around 10 K pace, and I was able to do this with help via walking my quarter mile recoveries.  7 miles total and Happy Valentine's day.

Didn't get the meat heart I wanted for V day but did get some chocolate that we all shared

Wednesday:  Back to strength training.  After my hip and knee thanked me for doing Konza, I thought it was time to get back to it.  I only got through 2 rounds of the 6 exercises before I felt like complete jello, but I will call it a win.  Mel watched my form and did everything with me, even though she had already done weights.  We farted, we lunged, and we laughed.  I really hit the jack pot when I met her :)

Thursday:  6 miles with strides.  Happy birthday Mel!!!!  My legs were D.E.A.D after strength the day before.  Getting them to wake up for strides was hard.  Getting them to stay awake to walk stella post run was even harder.  I can tell I did some major squatting the day before!  As the day went on, I got more and more sore.  That work out kicked my butt so bad!

Yes, this is in a bathroom, but look at that hoothoot!
Friday:  Cross training or strength.  I decided based on the level of sore I was, a nice long walk would be better than angering the same muscles all over again.  Stella and I headed out to catch some Gen 2 pokemon around town.  We took our time and got about a 30 minute walk in.  I really need to get more weight off of her before we even think about running again.  I also got to experience my first time dealing with lice.  We were told a kiddo at school found one live lice in her hair, so we all were to watch our kiddos heads, as they would be too.  Three more kiddos were found to have lice and were sent home, but luckily (knock on wood), we have avoided it thus far.  I stripped the bed and washed everything, as well as putting the pillows in the dryer.  I am frankly surprised we are just now dealing with this, as lice seems to be one of those things that are not if but when in children.

Weighed into the 40 lb weight class and had new socks but it was not meant to be:(
Saturday:  6 miles recovery run.  I had to flip flop this weekend's run because of Andrew's second wrestling tournament.  Well, my plan was to run post tournament, but we were up at 4:30 am with a little sick boy.  He started out running a fever and then after I had given him some purple grape flavored advil, he promptly threw up purple puke all over the side of the bed and all in his little shoes. I cleaned while Tony got him calmed down.  After settling him in with some cartoons and checking his temperature multiple times, we decided no tournament. His fever fluctuated all day from 99 all the way up to 103.  I don't think he had a stomach bug, just had too much drainage in his tummy.

I had a headache all day, but after eating lunch, was able to set out for a slow 6.  It was the first "hot" day we have really had and I could tell I was not ready.  We walked every mile for a tenth of a mile because my legs are still shot from that strength training work out.  By mile 4 or so, I was feeling much better but dang work out!  You aren't suppose to make me so sore that I can't run!!!!

Sunday:  16 miles.  After a nice restful day hanging out with little sick man, I was hoping there would be some life in my legs.   I got a great night's sleep and woke up hydrated and not near as sore. Unfortunately, a few miles in, I had a very sore spot deep in my calf muscle that was pulling everything below up and making running painful.

I decided to try and make it work by stopping periodically and massaging my calf muscle.  It was probably a stupid idea to do, but I did it.  I needed to know if I could get it to let loose and continue on.

I am happy to say that it did, but it still bothered me pretty much the entire run.  When I got done, I put on my compression sleeves and did some stick rolling of my leg which seemed to help.  

After spending most of the day cuddling with andrew, who was running an on and off again very low grade fever, we decided to take a very slow family walk around wamego.  

Andrew was at the time fever free and I hope he stays that way since I am typing and publishing this before we go to bed tonight!  A quick stella update.  I think she has started to have some allergies and I don't know what we are going to do about it.  Her immunocompromised status makes it super hard to treat.  She has been itching like crazy and almost acting like she has fleas.  I have not found any fleas on her at all, which is why we are leaning towards allergies.  I am going to put her on some additional fish oil to try and treat dry skin just in case.  I wish it were fleas, so we could just treat her and be done.  Sigh.  

35 total hard fought miles.  I am hoping maybe I won't be as sore after working out this week and I can get 2 work outs in.  I can't say that the calf issue during my long run was a result of the work out, but that is really the only change this week.  I know it affected my run on Saturday for sure and I don't like that. I have always had a love hate relationship with strength training, and while I know I need it, I am beginning to tip towards hate.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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