Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 5 Heartland 50

Finally cold free!  YIPEEE!!!  Here is how my week went.

Monday:  Rest day.  Lots of resting.  Am reading this book.

It rips my heart out every time I read it,  but it is so good and so timely.  Now that I am a mom, books like this really make me think hard about what I would do in that situation.  These kids and these adults that risked their lives to save these kids are amazing.  I highly recommend reading this book if you have time, but keep the tissues close by.

Tuesday:  Fartlek fun.  WU, 3 hard, 2 easy x 4, 4 hard, 1 easy x 3,  CD.  This one was fun too. I kind of like Coach Jenny not setting paces right now.  Helps me build confidence for sure.  After going almost a year without any speed work per se, I have no clue where I am or where I should be.  Plus, I can dig deep for shorter intervals.  Her biggest instructions with this work out was to not go so hard that the recovery is super slow.  After the first couple of faster intervals, I noticed we were hanging around 9:55/10 minute miles on the "fast" and recovering around 11 minute miles, which was in line with what Coach Jenny wanted.  After our work out, I took stella out for a nice long Pokemon walk.  We got about a 15 minute walk in and caught a few Pokemon.  Yes, I still play :)

Wednesday:  Strength.  My knee and hip are still off, but I can tell everything is getting better.  I am still rolling, stretching and icing like crazy till this passes.  I was self talking all day about working out as soon as I got home, and at the end of the day something really cool happened which derailed my plans.  The new lab I am working in has been trying to get an experiment to work for five years.  Many of the past lab workers had contributed, and got it closer to completion, but I had been chipping away at the problem since august with the last few crucial variables.  I have FINALLY gotten three replicates of mostly consistent results and solved the issue!  We had to have a few beers to celebrate, which means my motivation to work out was 0.  Plus my hubby made steak and sweet potatoes for dinner to go with our beers to continue the celebration :)

Thursday:  5 miles with strides sprinkled in.  What happened was we ran 5 miles and talked the whole time and totally forgot about adding strides.  Plus my tummy wasn't too thrilled with the previous night's two beers.  Oops.  

Friday:  Day off from work and hopefully bike riding for cross training, since my knee and hip are still not great. The day was cold but beautiful.  I took stella to the vet to get her monthly testing done (will do a separate post), and had planned on getting so much done in the afternoon.   It just didn't happen.  I did get laundry done and got some of andrew's clothes sorted and put up for later donation.  I know I should be getting rid of all of his clothes, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of it yet.  Mel and I headed to the thrift shop to check out what they had and donate some stuff, and she found a beautiful dress and I found some work out pants for andrew.  I guess the fact that we walked there and back could count as cross training?  No?  Well crap, I guess this will be filed under rest day number 2.

Fast forward till later, andrew had said his tummy was not feeling well, but he ate dinner.  I gave him some pepto and he seemed fine.  Around midnight, he woke up crying, and promptly threw up all over the bed.  Tony got him out and into the bathroom, but he missed the toilet and puked all over the bathroom floor.  After a few times of puking and lots of crying, I commenced to cleaning the floors and stripping the bed.  Andrew felt great after one session of puking, but then didn't want to go back to bed, so we read books and cuddled.  We didn't have anymore issues, so whatever it was, it was short lived, whew!

Saturday:  Long run or recovery run.  I say or because hubby had to work, and we were suppose to have 20-30 mile an hour wind gusts.  I decided to move my long run to Sunday to avoid that situation, which meant I either had to battle the wind or hit the mill.  I chose to battle the wind only because it was 50 degrees out and gorgeous, even with the wind.  Deuce and I got 4 miles in before we cried uncle and gave into the wind gusts.  

Deuce started limping around mile 2.5.  I stopped him, felt all over and found nothing.  He would run, then stop, sit and chew and then get back up and limp and run again.  I finally found the source of the problem.  He had a HUGE cock a burr in between his toes on his back foot.  I tried and tried to get it out but it was wedged in and not moving.  I finally had to just hold his foot and leg up so he could chew it out himself.  With team work, he finally chewed it out and then promptly ate it.  EW!  I don't know why dogs do that.  Stella does that too with burrs.  Glad we didn't have to call daddy to come and pick us up! Did take stella for another nice long Pokemon walk post run.  

Sunday:  14 miles.  I am SO glad i waited a day to my long run.  It was cold but NO wind.  I love cold, minus windchill of course.  I got to try out my new Solomon jacket as well, which made me so happy.  It's bright purple, I got it on a super duper sale, and other that not having venting under the arms, I am in love.  I honestly just felt like i was in the zone for the majority of the run.  Then I looked at my watch.  I was going over 12 minute miles.  Sigh.  I know for some that is fast and I am not saying that a 12 minute mile is super slow, but it is two minutes slower than I use to do long runs at. Maybe this is the pace I should have been running all along on my easy runs, but it kind of makes me sad to be slowing down this much.  My hip and knee also bothered me on and off during my run, so I guess my foam rolling and stretching is not doing what I had hoped it would do, which was to avoid having to get a massage or an adjustment.  Not that those things are bad at all, as I do need a good tune up, and we should all keep self care as the most important training tool in our bag.  I am still super jazzed that I have had two super duper awesome long runs lately as they continue to increase in length.  I really need to quit worrying about pace.  

28 miles and some change.  Overall, other than my hip and knee still being kind of hateful, this was a good week!  Next week is going to be interesting, as it is suppose to get in the 60s and then dip back down into the low 30s, and then back up.  This has been a super mild winter and I am LOVING it!

Have a great weekend!

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