Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 6 Heartland 50 training

Another week of battling a sore hip.  Well at least my knee isn't bothering me now, silver lining right? Still not warm enough to take too many pictures without my phone dying, so expect some randomness throughout!

Selfies with his best friend
Monday:  Day off.  Glorious rest day.  My hip was pretty sore after 14 miles, so I spent alot of my time at home on the foam roller.  Funny that it takes something like this to make me actually do the things I should do all the time.

Drawing his first pickachu that actually looks like what he wants it to

Tuesday: Well, not sure exactly what we were suppose to do as I had no plan in my inbox, but what we did do was 5 miles of easy.  It's not funny but it is that both Melly and I are battling the exact same hip issues, and even though we did different long run mileages this weekend, we still both had sore hips.  Neither one of us had issues during our run, but we felt like we were playing it safe by taking it easy.  We took a couple of walk breaks and just chatted the whole time about randomness.  Post run I took stella ella out for a 15 or so minute walk and she did great.  This is the will be the second day of her not getting the roids so finger's crossed!!!!

We just started watching Harry Potter and now we have to color Harry Potter lego pictures!

Wednesday:  Cross or strength.  My hip was feeling much better but I just didn't want to chance it, so took another rest day.

Thursday:  6 miles.  We keep getting a promise of a warm up and somehow that keeps getting moved back further and further.  I thought today was suppose to be in the 60s but we woke up to feels like 11.  OUCH.  Of course the saving grace was no wind.

Friday:  Cross training or strength.  I had every intention of getting home as quick as possible, airing up my tires and heading out for a nice long bike ride till sun down.  What happened?  We practiced t ball in the back yard and I don't regret one single minute of it.  I had found out that they pitch to the kids in Wamego in t ball and then if they can't hit it, they get to hit off of the stand.  Well, we haven't been pitching to him so we started and to our surprise, he actually hit a few when I did a good job giving him a good pitch.  He is still batting on both sides of the plate and I hope it stays that way!!!!

Saturday: Planned 15 miles.

Had to head out before sunrise to get home in time to hit the early showing at the IMAX theater in town.  We wanted to see the new Batman Lego movie with Andrew and figured the earlier the better.  More on that later.  I needed my pack and hydration, since it was a little warmer than normal, but there was also some wind, so I dressed in light layers and was prepared to strip if needed.  

We run past a feedlot that turns a couple of times a year.  Right now they have 5 yards full and it doesn't smell at all!

It was just me and Deuce and some good podcasts for 15 glorious miles.  Wasn't as great as the last couple of weeks, but minimal walking only, and lots of sweating!

Deuce cracks me up!  He so loves to run now!

It was also nice to be able to have my phone out and not fear it dying.  Ready to take pictures on my run again!  Sometimes when I am having a sucky run, taking pictures takes my mind off of the suck.

Post running we showered and headed to Manhattan to watch Lego Batman at the new IMAX.  

Little red LOVED it, and I will admit, I actually enjoyed it too.  I liked the first lego movie, but it didn't hold my attention.  This one not only had a great storyline, but it also had enough pop culture references (Lord Voldermort was in it) that I stayed into the movie and didn't drift off.  Probably helped that we were so close to the top and right near the very LOUD speakers.  The only bad part was there was a more adult oriented movie in the previews, and it had a very scary part where a thing jumped over a wall and scared the crap out of me and andrew.  Every time the whole theater would go dark post this happening, he would freak out and scream too DARK!  I really didn't think it was appropriate to have this movie preview in a kid's type movie, but I guess they were targeting the parents that were present?  Andrew was glued to the screen the whole time and never moved, and that was even after having some kit kat bites, popcorn, some of our milk duds, and a regular sized coke slush (there were only two sizes and I wanted my own, don't judge). 

Sunday:  6 recovery miles.  I decided to hook up with livinglovingrunner and do my recovery run out at Konza.  It was windy but not too cold and we had a great time just talking.  We are planning out our ultras and I sure hope we can do another one together or at least I might be able to pace or help out at her 50 miler!

I have to say, even though my hip and knee are being hateful, it isn't getting worse but we didn't do any speed work to aggravate it.  In fact, all of those hills up and down felt kind of good to it. I may not be able to walk later, but right now I am feeling good.  32 miles total this week!  Even though my 50K isn't technically a trail 50K, I do see that it has hills so time to get some hill work back in my schedule and time to get back to strength whether my hip and knee like it or not.  

Have a great weekend and week!

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