Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 10 of 18 Chicago Marathon Training

Another week up and down, and another week closer to the peak of my training.  The temperatures are getting a little lower, but the humidity is making up for that.  I wouldn't mind an early fall at all IF we could lower the dang temps!

This was a crazy and big week. I had made a decision to do something super scary and outside of my comfort zone. I have decided to go part time in my beetle/BNG lab that I have worked for, for 13 years and work part time for Tony's company, Coleman Electric.  This means I am saying good bye to my algal lab that I have worked in for the past year.  I really loved working with them and hate to let them go, but I really, really want to be a part of my hubby's company and help it grow and help him not be chained to paper work all night every night.  I am super nervous, as this is totally out of my wheel house but heck, I do love a good challenge.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I try a new chapter in my life!

Monday:  Rest day.  How I love thee. I actually had to work sunday all day and had a ton to do monday, so came home pretty exhausted.  Like go to bed at 6:30 pm exhausted.  I am hoping my body is just fighting something off and this isn't something else (and no I am not preggers:).

Tuesday:  Speed work. Mile repeats.  After going to bed super early and not sleeping very well throughout the night, I knew when I got up that repeats were not in the stars for me.  I decided to do just mileage and hope that whatever this feeling is that i have is nothing, and a few days of easy will cure it.

Okay, so here is a tiny rant.  I have had my garmin 220 for years now. I have never had issues with it or if I have, they have been pretty quickly fixable.  The past couple of weeks my watch has been off big time.  I know where the mile markers are on our route, because I haven been running roughly the same routes for years now.  At times today, mine and Mel's watch was off by a quarter of a mile !!!!!  I know we can be a tenth or so off, but not a quarter of a mile much because we are running side by side!  I am as I type this, installing a software update, so hoping that fixes it.  I love my garmin and hate talking ill of it because it has been such a good watch, but dude, I ran 6 miles today and I didn't get credit for it :)

These two crack me up.  This was "second dinner" as they ate while I was at soccer and then ate again when I went to subway to pick up a salad
Yes, I have been roped into soccer again.  This time I am a head coach.  I think I have lost my mind, but surely I can do this with only 5 five year olds and some help from Rockin Robin right????

Wednesday:  Cross and Strength.  I vowed to get back on the C and S horse and I batted .500.  I really think we should rethink cross training, because i think I should sometimes get credit for lugging an almost 50 lb kid around hyvee.  Actually, we are in the stage where he absolutely does NOT want to ride in the buggy, but yet push the buggy and push the buggy as fast as possible, which is not cool.  His head is now above the pushing bar and it just makes me happy and sad that he is growing up so quickly!  I did get 30 minutes of strength in, including my MYRTL routine before we headed out.

Thursday:  6 miles easy.  My hope was that by skipping Tuesday's speed work that I would be more apt to hit it hard Thursday.  Nope.  I woke up and just wasn't feeling very speedy and that was compounded by 96% humidity.  I swear Kansas, please, dial back the humidity so us runners can enjoy the lower temperatures!!!!  I tried to get a pic because we were running in this dense fog the whole time, but this is all I got.

Yes, it really was that thick.  I hate running in this mess because I feel like I can't even breath.

Friday:  Cross.  A nice bike ride post dinner that got shortened thanks to running out of daylight.  I love fall, but I hate loosing that precious daylight!

Saturday:  18 miles.  Woke up super pumped to see some meteors as the Perseid's are here.  They did not disappoint.  In the middle of the city, with all of the light pollution, I saw about 13 in the span of an hour, and they were all SUPER bright!  My hubby even came out and saw a few very bright ones.  I had hoped to see more on my run, but by the time i got out of the door, dawn was creeping in, plus running and looking up is kind of tricky.  I decided to take both dogs with me, and then loop back and drop off if they needed it.  The humidity was at about 96 percent, but the temps were low, so I took plenty of water with me and gave them water breaks every 3 or so miles.  I also attempted to walk only when I gave them water and briefly when I had to fuel.  I can run and eat, but it is a challenge i would rather not attempt.  Choking in the middle of no where would not be fun, and I don't think the dogs can do CPR or the Heimlich.   

I was going to do some loopage, but since the dogs were doing so well, I decided to try and get 16 before looping back to the house to re fill water bottles.  Since my stashed water bottle got stolen a few weeks ago, I am a little gun shy about stashing anything these days.  Hopefully no one will steal anything off of my front porch!!!!  I dropped off a very reluctant Deuce, and Stella ella and I headed out to finish the final 2.  We decided to do part of the race course we will be doing next weekend for the Run Back to School 5K.  

I need one of those tennis ball attachments so she will look at my phone
Sunday:  Recovery run 6 miles.  I got up at 4:30 am to catch some meteors, but after a while of seeing nothing but clouds and the bright moon, and NO meteors, I decided to give up and go back to sleep.  I must have slept hard (and needed it) because I didn't wake up till 8:30.  Deuce and I headed out for a super easy 6 with some walking.  I was kind of sore post yesterday's run and Deuce had done 16 miles, so we were all about easy.  While the sun made it feel a tiny bit hotter than I would have liked, we managed and Deuce took a few dips in the puddles that were left out on our route.  

Total mileage for the week: 35.77 (although I am pretty sure I got the .33 but I will keep it official LOL).

I am glad we are on the downside of training, even if I haven't gotten through my longest runs.  Coach hasn't let on yet if we are doing multiple 20s or 22s or what, but I kind of like not knowing.  Less for me to obsess about that way.  I ended this week feeling much better, and I am looking forward to more lower temp days!  Oh I finally saw the number 130 on the scale meaning I have lost 13 lbs now.  I haven't really changed much about the way I eat at all other than just trying to stay within my calories so going to keep food logging and see where this takes me!

Have a great week!

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