Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 17 of 18 Chicago Marathon Training

Two weeks till go time!  I am firmly in the taper period and loving it!  I got my participant handbook in the mail monday and this cool patch.  Both the Chicago Marathon and I turn 40 this year, so we are celebrating together!!!!  I am honored and excited, and will wear my patch proudly #chi40club.

Monday:  Rest day.  GOTR girls first and then rest.  We had to run inside the school due to storms moving in and heavy rain.  The girls were on fire today, even with the running inside, and most ran entire laps!  I was so proud!

Tuesday:  5 miles of speed work.  4 x 3 minutes of hard versus 3 minutes of easy.  Got up at 4:20 to very rainy and wet conditions.  Since we run out on rural roads, we decided it would be better to run later and let the roads dry out.  We had flooding the night before, and it rained pretty much all night past that, so no telling how bad our roads would be.  I so love fall running and the ability to run post work.  The weird thing was, I figured the soccer fields would be totally soaked for practices, so after watching several other coaches cancel practices, I did as well.  Then about 2 hours before our practice was suppose to be, I saw a Facebook post saying the fields were dry and okay to play on.  What????  Okay, too late, had already canceled.  Sigh.  Had to send out an apology to the parents stating that I was told the fields were too wet and of course assumed that was true, and then the official word came down that it was not so.  Oh well, I guess our parents think I am probably crazy and a little email happy :)

Wednesday:  Strength and cross.  Extra rest day.

This is a common occurrence many nights.  Asleep by 6:30.  Most nights he stays out but this night, we had stuff to do post school/boys and girls club.  He napped while we drove, then slept while we ate, and then woke up in the grocery store and was awake till late.  

Thursday:  7 miles with 1 mile repeats.  Feels like 49 but 92% humidity.  Sigh.  I was actually cold, but covered in sweat.  Please humidity, please go away.  I want to enjoy the cooler temps truly.

Friday: Cross.  I think originally this was suppose to be a rest day, but I couldn't resist the pull of a nice day, little to nothing to do at work, and my bike.  In fact, I stayed home from work to ride my bike, and then went in to KSU.  This new found freedom is kind of nice, although still taking some getting use to.

Friday night we headed to the soccer stadium for some KSU girl's soccer.  Still hoping Andrew gets into soccer, as I know we are!  We have no clue what is going on or what the calls are, but soccer is fun to watch live!  Especially with the purple and white thunder sticks weapons of mass destruction and huge popcorn buckets and hot dogs.  I so love the openness of this stadium and the fact that yes we have "seats" but that andrew can run and play as much as he wants and not disturb anyone. 

Saturday:  Rest day.  Soccer. specifically the 8:30 game, which I love.  I love being done with our commitment first thing in the day.  Tony had to be at work all day, so I was solo coaching and momming.  While the game was fun and we got lots of goals, Andrew really didn't play as well as I had hoped.  He seems to be suddenly timid on defense again, and even when passed the ball with a clear path to the goal, he quickly gave up for fear of being attacked by defenders.  Oh well, there is always the next game.
I would say 45 inches minus the crazy hair LOL!  I have to dig out the one from last year to see how much he has grown!

Riding the train

The chalk bus

Holding the bun buns and kittens

Post game we headed with one of Andrew's new soccer friends to the local pumpkin patch.  I couldn't believe it was already open.  I have written about this place before and it is still one of the most awesome places ever!  This year they have added a bunch of attractions and we had a blast.  Even though it is still September as I write this, we HAD to get a pumpkin!  Of course Andrew wanted to carve it right away, and I finally convinced him to wait a little while, as we needed a couple of more pumpkins for Uncle Cayce and me to carve as well.  

Sunday:  Long run day.  10 miles.  My plan was to get up like normal at 4 am, eat, and hit the road around 5-5:15.   Well, the snooze monster won, and I hit snooze twice and kept on sleeping.  I finally got up around 6 am to fuel and caffinate.  The weather was pretty nice outside, so I knew I had some leeway on time.  The cloud cover and wind kept the temperatures down and while i wished I was seeing lower numbers on my watch, I am happy with how my last run went.  I only walked for fueling and felt pretty good.  Hip is a little sore right now, but much less than it has been and I am still trying to stretch and MYRTL as much as I can.  I am hoping it will behave and I may add some anti inflammatories in this week just to kind of help with all the other things I am doing to help it feel better.  I should have gone to see Doug and get a massage or get an adjustment from Dr. Needles, but I feel like it is too late to do anything at this point.  

I am SO excited for next week!  I have been looking at tours and fun things that Tony and I can do sitting down/with minimal walking while in Chicago, and I think we have picked a bus tour and the aquarium as our tourist day.  I will probably do like I did last time I did this race, where we were full out tourists in the morning and then post lunch, we became sloths or took sitting down tours that allowed me to be off of my feet as much as possible.  I have decided even though I don't have a time goal per se, that I would like to try and get faster than my spring marathon but probably slower than my first Chicago, so about 5 hours.  I am so excited to this year have a working phone that I can take pictures along the way and just soak in the fun that is the Chicago marathon. 

Only three runs this week, so my weekly total is at 22.  Can't wait till next week!!!!  Windy city, here we come!!!!!

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