Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week 18 of 18! RACE WEEK

I am so excited to finally be at race week, even if the rest of my body isn't. Yep, my hip is still hating on me no matter what I do.  For once, I am going to just have to grin and bear it and deal with it post race.  Just a quick note here, can't seem to get pics to load in via my hubby's iPad.  Not sure why, but going to have to send out a blank post and will upload photos to my other posts as soon as I get home and back to my normal computer.

Monday:  Rest day.  GOTR day.  I know we walked/ran at least a mile today.  I am super worried about the majority of my girls.  Most girls are still walking most if not all of all laps.  While our motto at GOTR is forward is best no matter what, I am super worried that the girls are going to be very defeated at the halfway point of the program, when we have our practice 5K.  I tried to talk to them post running about how we would like for them to be up to running mostly for at least half the final race distance, but I mainly was met with blank stares. The two girls who mostly run and have done the 5K and the program once before shared how this season is so much easier this time around and how hard it was the first time but that it does get better.  That didn't seem to help either.  I am at a quandary as to how to motivate them.  We are also having some problems within our group.  Nothing big, just little pockets of drama that I am told is normal.  Needless to say, I am learning tons about young girls and their mentalities!

Tuesday:  Speedwork.  When I saw this on my final surge schedule I thought, WHAT?  Speedwork just days before my race?  I figured I would trust coach and just go with it.  Mel wasn't feeling well, so I strapped both dogs to me and headed out to do 400m repeats.  It was an interesting morning in that wildlife was very active, something that tends to happen when Mel isn't with me. I cranked up my music on my phone and started singing along loudly, hoping that i could scare off anything else post seeing coyotes very up close and personal and smelling skunk spray.  The funny thing was, the dogs never even noticed the coyotes, or if they did, they didn't act like it.  What i noticed?  Lightning and lots of it!!!  As i headed back west to get away from the coyotes, it was lighting up the sky and illuminating some pretty big storm clouds.  Oddly enough, there was NOTHING on radar, and my app that is suppose to warn me about lightning strikes never went off.  Weird.  I cut one of my recovery periods short and shortened my cool down mile.

Wednesday:  4 miles EASY.  Well,this run never got accomplished.  My mom came to town, it was raining on and off, and i was just tired.  This whole cycle has just left me really tired at times, and I figured sleeping in and getting lots of rest would trump getting any run done.

Thursday:  Rest day.  I took the day off from both jobs and hung out with my mommy.  No runs, just a lot of fun with my mom, just her and I.  Post dinner of some yummy pasta and chicken that she cooked, Tony and I headed out to find a hotel room near the airport for our early morning flight to Chicago.

Friday:  Travel Day and expo!  If you remember, my friend at Amy at Gypsy Runner graciously gifted us airline miles to fly on Southwest Airlines direct to Chicago.  The only bad part was that we chose a super early flight out of KC, which meant an overnight hotel room.  We found one super close, but when we headed over to the airport, somehow I could not get over to the economy parking lot.  We ended up having to park in the regular lot, which was 23 bucks a day (OUCH).  Also, because we were so close, we did not leave a ton of room for mistake, so we didn't have a ton of time to tarry about.  Our flight was uneventful, except a few turbulence.  Once again, Tony and I were brave and took the train into the city from Midway.  I have to say it was SO nice being back in Chicago.  I love this city so much!

I am going to end this blog post here and post about the rest of the weekend in a new post!  As I sit here and type this, I am battling what seems to be a little cold, so keep you fingers crossed that its nothing and the Zicam kicks it's ass.

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