Sunday, November 5, 2017

6/12/24 Countdown. T minus 11 days and Bursitis?

Get ready for some random pictures and some not so random whining :)

Halloween party at school
Welcome to another week's episode of a runner in denial.  Let's welcome our host, Michelle the runner.  Sigh.  I really thought things were much much better.  I had pretty much 0 pain coming into my chiro visit this week, yet I had run a 3 miler, a 4 miler, a 2 miler with the girls, and then a 4 miler right before the visit.  I still am not really in pain per say, maybe a little sore from the treatment on tuesday, but overall much better.  Unfortunately, Dr. Needles was not impressed.  Apparently my trochanter bursa sac was very puffy.  He thinks i have a touch of bursitis, and he is worried that if I run the 6 hour race and don't get this under total control, that I will have to have steroid injections.  The word steroid injections makes me want to vomit.  I have heard wildly different reports on how painful they can be, from nothing and quick, to super painful and slow.  I know for sure I am running the 5K this weekend no matter what, but I am still kind of on the fence about the 6 hour race.  Dr. Needles says that i can't do more damage, once it is inflamed, it is inflamed. So there is that.  I have also read varying reports on running through this type of issue that of course say slow low mileage is okay to NO RUNNING PERIOD.  How do you navigate this?  Especially when for me the pain has gotten pretty much down to 0?

I kept it low and slow all week (except my race) with me just running Monday with the girls (around 2ish miles), 4 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles with the girls on Thursday (although my stupid phone said we did almost 5), and my 5K at Tails on the Trail in Topeka.   I took my off days completely off instead of biking, and I hope this strategy pays off with this stupid hip.  I may be taking a bit of time off post my 6 hour attempt and it is what it is. I want to be 100% going into my next marathon training cycle.  Remind me I said this when I am whining about wanting to run. 

The hallways we had to run for GOTR when it was icky outside.  At least i get to talk to the girls and we can look at art work!
As I always do when I am dealing with some sort of injury, I research and I ask around to see who has dealt with this type of injury.  As pretty much always, I have found TONS of people that have battled with bursitis.  I have heard success stories and I have heard horror stories.  I had heard people that love the shots and say they work, and have heard the complete opposite.  While I am doing things to fix the imbalance and weakness that caused this, I am really nervous about doing anything with steroids.  I think my favorite quote is band aids don't fix bullet holes.  I am glad that i have a great chiropractor that also has a million certifications in sports medicine and things I don't even understand to take care of me and my stupid body.  Seriously, check out his page.  I have to trust him, but my stupid scientist brain is always asking a million questions.

Today as I sit here and wrap up this post, I am sore all over due to running trails, but strangely enough, my feels tight, but not sore.  Who knows how this is going to play out.  Stay tuned for more obsession and reflection LOL!  I have an appointment Wednesday to re evaluate and then I can make a decision on running next weekend.  After the race saturday, my hip was fine, and actually I felt really, really good during my race.  I am leaning toward running the timed ultra race again and dealing with what ever comes :) . Damn runners high is clouding my judgement.  Feel free to smack me!

Have a great week!

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