Monday, November 13, 2017

Spring Racing 2018

Okay I thought I had this written down somewhere in a post but I can't find it.  I really, really need to go back and tag my posts so I can search them :) . I needed to make some decisions on races for the spring, so I could figure out a nice break to heal up my hip for good, and work hard on strength so this doesn't happen again!

A race for the Spring!  Flint Hills 50 and Trail Marathon April 21st, 2018

Credit: Flint Hill's 50 FB page

The Flint Hill's 50 and marathon is my A race.  At this point, I would like to do this race as a marathon and not the 50 miler.  I need some recovery time from the past few races, and in order to do this race and be totally recovered, I need most of November and some of December with no structured training.  That is a long way around saying I don't have enough training time for this to be my first 50 miler.  This race is about 10 minutes from my house, so no need for a hotel room.  My family can be out on the course at the crew stations to wave and say hi and at the end.  This is typical to what I train on and I am pretty sure I can bring Stella.  It will be her first marathon and while weather will decide ultimately if she gets to run, I am counting on her being there.  This race is April 21st and is my goal race.  My actual goal is to be determined, but usually it is to finish in one piece with a smile on my face :)

PsychoWyco 10 miler, February 24th, 2018
Credit: Trail Nerds FB page
This one is a maybe. This is a race I have been wanting to do for years.  The only problem?  It's in February in Kansas and over 2 hours away. You know me, miss snow driving freak out.  The entry fee is 85 bucks, so a little much if the weather is bad and we can't get down.  The course is difficult and tough but SUPER fun, and one that I would have done at the Chili run (that I now can't do because of the Girls on the Run 5K being the same day).  I would like to do the 10 mile race, but the 20 mile is tempting, although I probably won't be up to my 20 milers by then.

The Bill Snyder Half May 19th, 2018

credit: Manhattan Running Company FB page

This is my other maybe,  but I am strongly leaning towards it.  I would like to either pace this one or run it for a PR:).  The problem?  There is a trail half marathon the same weekend in Omaha NE that is for dogs and their owners.  It's going to be a hard decision because I loved running this race last year and it's in my own backyard, so no hotel room or gas for drives, BUT the Bill allows dogs due to the amount of runners present.  Decisions.  I wanted this year to be about as many races as I could get to with my dogs, but it seems that most if not all dog themed or dog friendly races conflict with my schedule of just plain old life.  It makes more sense to stay local and save money (and put my money towards local charities) so in the end, I will probably be pacing or running the Bill.  

What I won't be running this year but would love to?

My beloved Wicked half and full that I have either volunteered at or run for the past several years or since it's inception conflicts with Andrew's spring break.  We had planned on heading to Jackson for his spring break to spend time with his grandmas.  At this point, our trip is still a go, but if anything changes, I will be running this race as it is my backyard.  Please, if you want a fun race, do this race!  March 24th in beautiful Wamego Kansas!  Plus the pasta feed this year is down at Iron Clad which is a beautiful old preserved building smack dab in down town Wamego!

Running With the Cows, May 12th 2018

 This is the weekend before The Bill Snyder Half.  This is the race where I have my current half PR.  I love the course and love the swag and the post race party.  If I am pacing the Bill or if I can pace this race, I might move this up to a do race :) . I am going to apply for both Running with the Cows and The Bill and see what I get pacing wise.

What about a 50K?

I haven't really looked at all the close 50Ks yet, so there is always a chance I could find one to slide up and mix things up.  The two "local" 50ks that I have done are on March 24th (spring break) and May 5th, which is too close to The Bill and RWTC.  While I love the distance more than any other, probably not a bad thing to take a break and just do a marathon this spring.  I am not saying "No" at this point but I am saying probably not:)

Okay there are my ideas about spring races.  Come say hi if you see me pacing or running!!!!


  1. I might come up to KS and do RWTC again this year depending on the school schedule for my neices and nephews!

    1. I didn't get it as a pacing race but I think I am going to enter anyway! I love that race!