Sunday, November 12, 2017

6/12/24 Week! Race Week is here!

More random pictures for the week:).  Enjoy.

First off I am SO excited to say that I am a Honey Stinger Ambassador for 2018!!!!  I am so excited, because I totally LOVE their products!  I use their waffles on all of my long runs and love the flavors and how they sit in my tummy post consumption.  I honestly didn't think I would get this because well, unlike the prez, I don't really do twitter.  This was a very pleasant surprise to be picked!

I totally forgot to talk about this in my last blog since this technically happened last week, but another season of soccer is done.  We are still on the fence about spring soccer.  I am not sure I can coach due to my running schedule, as it was during the majority of my spring races last year, and I am sure that won't change this year.  I love, love coaching, and Andrew kind of likes playing a tiny bit more as he has gotten older.  We shall see closer till time for starting back up again.  

We are now starting wrestling season and are doing the free clinic again this year before the season starts.  He has talked about nothing but wrestling for some time now, and was delighted to be 30 minutes early for the first night (whoops that one is on daddy).  As you can see, he was pretty much smiling the entire time.  Many of his friends showed up and also tried the free clinic, and from what I have heard, thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

The time change has all of us totally confused.  The dogs are dying for food at their normal times (TOO EARLY) and Andrew has been falling asleep randomly.  This was post wrestling meeting on Monday.  He INSISTED he had to go to the meeting, even though I knew it would be super boring for him.  He had a hard time sitting still and then promptly fell asleep when we went to dinner.

Ah, running.  Well, I did a practice 5K with the GOTR group I coach on Monday.  I was assigned the coach for the speed walking group.  Even with some brief slow running sprinkled in, my girl who stayed in my group did not finish the full 5K distance.  We got about 2.2 miles done:( She didn't seem too bummed, and i am sure she will complete the entire 5K distance come race day.  On Tuesday, since I really didn't run per se on Monday, I did the group run with the Manhattan Running Company.  Tuesday night was safety night and we did a 5 K with the group.  My hip felt fine during and after the run, go figure.

Wrestling season started!  New singlet, new head gear, and new shoes!
I had my final check up with my chiro Dr. Needles on Wednesday.  He gave me the green light to race with the caveat that we have a ton of work to do post race.  My bursitis seems to have cleared up with the help of my low mileage, lots of tart cherry juice, and my stretches he prescribed.  I wish I could be as religious about strength and stretches when I am not hurt. Anyway, we will probably have to start over at square one post the race, or maybe I should be optimistic and think we are in a better place.  Either way I am super excited to run this race now and feel super positive about my time goal!

I was suppose to leave Friday mid day to head down to Wichita to check into my hotel room and to chill till bib pick up and race start on Saturday.   The school called when I was at the Manhattan Running Company getting fuel for the race to tell me that my kiddo had puked.  In her words, a copious amount of vomit came out of his mouth and nose.  YIKES!  He was also running a low grade fever.  Luckily daddy was in Wamego and got him before I could even leave the store.  I headed home with much trepidation.  I had woke up not feeling 100% myself, but not GI issues, more head cold issues.  I had already taken my temp a few times just to convince myself I was fine.  So the decision became, leave and get down there and then get sick, or stay and run the risk of nothing happening and drive down early, early in the morning.  I don't know about you but when fluids are coming out of me like that, I prefer to be at home praying to my own porcelain god.

Fast forward to the night time.  Andrew finally passed out and was resting and I wasn't sick YET.  I made the decision to eat first, then head out to Wichita. I got in around 9:30 pm and after some unwinding time, was out like a light at 10:30.  Up at 5 am and out the door by 6.  I am going to do a separate post for the race which will probably come out before this post posts so stay tuned:)

Sunday we woke up pretty early, courtesy of little man's fever spiking.  I was sore but nothing horrible. I actually feel the best when I am up and moving, not sitting.  Spoiler alert:  While I didn't make the 6 hour cut off, I still was able complete the distance and get a huge unofficial PR (unofficial since it was via my watch and not via their timing).  I sent Tony out to go to the grocery store to get provisions just in case both of us were stuck in the house all week.  We have a super busy week this coming week, so I am praying this is just a bad cold and nothing else.  Seriously every single night we have something and I have a huge experiment that should be coming to completion this week.  Sigh.  Life with kids. 

Have a great week this week!  I am looking forward to some recovery time, lots of sleep, and hopefully NO ILLNESS!!!!

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