Sunday, July 24, 2016

11 weeks to go till Hell Creek on Heels 50 K! Training week 8

I am just going to start out with this info graphic from the Topeka National Weather Service.  This explains it best.  I HATE SUMMER. Having shouted that, I am very, very thankful that I am able to run or wog (walk/jog) through this mess.
Monday:  Rest day.  Glorious rest days are the bomb.  Of course I didn't count the mileage i spent walking/chasing down Pokemon, but whatever.  Stella, I think, is enjoying our little jaunts around town to get pokeballs and hunt.  Andrew physically tries to catch them, which is so funny to watch.  Did have my scheduled two week appointment with Dr. Needles.  Hurt like hell, but I walked out feeling so much better.  He does ART with such precision, but it sure does feel like he is trying to rip me apart sometimes.  I had to ask him to stop a few times, so I could breath and wipe my face.  I even had a few tears when he worked on my left hip flexor, but I know just as with Doug, it is all for the best and I just have to let him do his magic.  Dr. Needles and Doug keep me together and on track for whatever race I am training for.
Found a rare naked pokemon in our backyard last night
Tuesday:  Planned 800 meter repeats x 5 (6 miles total with warm up, intervals, and cool down).   Honestly, since we are under an excessive heat warning, I really thought we wouldn't be doing this work out.  We are trying to keep all work outs outside so the thought of the mill was not even a possibility.  We decided that we would walk our 400 meter recoveries and just try and see how it went.  I am happy to say that we were fine, even slightly faster than our prescribed pace.   Took Stella out for a 15 minute walk post running.  Had hoped the slightly cooler temps would help her to be able to walk a little bit more comfortable, but she still acted pretty tired and had to go pretty slow.  I guess we will keep it to 10 minutes for a few more days before we move up her walking times.  I keep thinking she is ready because she wants to do more frisbee and more ball, but I guess not :(

Wednesday:  Cross training/Strength.  Took the day off of work and took Andrew to Topeka to hang out with one of my good friends and her kiddos that are 5 and 2.  We hit up a rap/magic show put on a group by H3TV, the discovery center, cici's pizza, and followed that by more playing.  I was one tired momma, and he was one tired little boy!  Not only did he sleep on the way home, he also continued his nap at home for a little while longer.  Our night was screwed up, so I didn't get to do a bike ride or cross train, but I had a full day chasing kids and I think that counts for something.

Thursday:  Planned 7 miles.  Waking up to feels like 88 just isn't fair.  We walked every mile for a tenth of a mile just to not get too hot.  There was a breeze, but it wasn't very refreshing.  It sucked, but we got it done.  I hate you Kansas summer.  I am over you so badly right now.  Bleh.  Stella had a recheck but that is a separate post here.

Friday: Planned Cross training/Strength.  BOOM, i finally did a strength work out and it kicked my ass.  I seriously felt like jello post work out, and I hope that my legs will be able to handle 15 tomorrow post this work out.

Saturday:  Planned 15 miles.  This was interesting, because we had to get it done early enough for Melly to go to work.  Since I can't seem to get up any earlier than 4 am, I decided to try a fasted state run.  Coach told me to take it easy obviously, and start fueling about 30 minutes in.  Well, of course in true Kansas style, it was 88 degrees when we started running with horrible humidity.  I felt good at 30 minutes in, so I stupidly didn't fuel like coach told me to, and waited to my normal 1 hour in.  I fueled at 1 hour and 2 hours and then again around the 3ish hour mark.  Lindsey came out to run with us (God Bless her for getting up so early and heading to Wamego) and we did around 4 or 5 together before she peeled off and headed back.  Then around mile 10, Melly had to pick up the pace and head back, so she could go to work.  By then, my legs felt like lead, and my pace had slowed way down, and I was walking quite a bit.  To quote myself, I never hit the wall but I sure did stare at it for a long, long time (i think someone else said that and i stole it from them but my brain fuzz is preventing me from remembering whom).  It was not a great run but we need those every once in a while to learn from them. I think my take away message is I can't run fasted long runs, and finish well and since I am running in the AM, and I might need to do strength training on a day other than the day right before my long run.

Sunday:  Planned 6 miles on Konza.  Woke up to thunder and lightening.  Went ahead and did coffee and food, and regretted it as storm after storm rolled through.  I don't mind rain when it is hot and icky, but lightening is a no go.  Decided to try and go back to sleep, since it seemed like there was no consensus as to when the storm would be ending.  Got a couple of hours of sleep, despite having had coffee already.  Got up to super humid conditions, but I got my 6 in and done.  Wasn't on a trail, but my legs were tired and it worked no matter what.  Melly ran later and i rode my bike next to her while she ran.  We also took our kiddos to the local discovery center to see the Dino exhibit, and play in the lazy river.  We were both exhausted at the end of the day from chasing kids and miles.

34 total miles

All in all, other than the horrible heat and typical Kansas summer fun, it was a good week.  Finally got one day of strength training in, need to get back to two at least.  Missed my coffee date with the girls but Melly and I got some coffee while the kids splashed in the lazy river.

Have a great week!

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