Thursday, July 7, 2016

Would you Rather????

I saw this blog post format on another blogger's page and thought I would play along!  It's called Would you Rather?

Would you Rather:

Run in Subzero temperature or Hot and Humid?

If you know me or have read any of my blog posts, you know I thrive when I am training in the cold!  I don't mind cold or wind, even subzero temperatures, but when the weather is hot, I wilt.  Remind me please to stop signing up for big events in the fall!!!   I have some really awesome cold weather gear, but when it comes to hot and humid, there is just nothing you can do about it.  It's just like this morning, we ran at 4:30 am and it was already 80 and 100% humidity.  It was just plain gross out, and slightly dangerous, so we had to switch out our speed work for just a run.  Bleh.  I am already counting down the days till fall, till we can switch over to after work runs again, versus getting up at 4 am.

Run on a trail, beach, or road?
Well, since I mainly run on the road, I would rather run on a trail.  We don't have very many trails in our immediate area, and the whole goal of running for me is to be able to lace up and head out, so driving a long time to a trailhead defeats the purpose.  Especially now that we have to start around 4:30 to beat the heat.  Believe me, if there were trails closer, I would say good bye to the roads for everything but intervals.  Stella votes trails all they way, even if they are muddy!

Run Hills or Speed Intervals?
Both make me feel badass, but I think I would choose speed intervals, just because we do walk back recoveries, and we normally do track like work outs on the flat.  Of course ask me this when I am doing one or two mile repeats, and I will probably scream out HILLS! Stella ella likes both, as long as she is with me:)

Miss a PR by a minute or by 30 minutes?

Sometimes it's fun to help others PR too!
I guess I have had both of these situations happen, so I would say miss by one minute.  If I pushed as hard as I can, and I left it all out on the course then so be it, whether it is 1 minute or an hour, for that matter.

Run a marathon on an unfamiliar course or a short familiar loop multiple times?
I have done a few loop races, and while I don't mind loops on long runs, something about doing them in a races shatters my soul. I would have to pick an unfamiliar course, because there is something fun about the unknown.

Pre-Fuel or Refuel?
I am all about the Refuel!  Most mornings I just wake up and sleepily, put on some clothes, and head out.  My stomach is a hater of all things morning, so the less I can put in it, the better.  For long runs I usually eat either a pack of belvita crackers with a cup of coffee, or I do my UCAN if I only have around 45 minutes or less before I head out.  I am all about coming home, refueling on some yummy, ice cold 2% chocolate milk or a nice cup of coffee!

Get a medal or a t-shirt?
This is hard, because I do have a ton of both and I like both.  I like it when races do normal t shirts, not technical, just a plain old t shirt I can wear to work, but I do love a pretty medal as well.  I guess I am leaning towards medals.

Run a short intense session or a long run?

Long run baby!  These are the runs where I get right in my mind with all the things.  I either catch up on podcasts, or I chat with my BRFs.  It's therapy for my soul.  I would rather run long, than intense any day.  I have always joked that I can run a slow steady pace all day, and now with my ultra coming up, we may get to test that!

Okay that was kind of fun!  Which would you rather???

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