Monday, July 4, 2016

14 weeks of training to go! Week 5 of Hell creek on Heels 50 K training!

Another week of training in the heat and humidity that is the sucky KS summer.  Another week of trying to figure out what this mess is that stella has.  Here we go.

Monday:  Speed work (2 minutes MGP, 2 minutes slightly faster than MGP, 3 minutes easy x 5 for a total of 6 miles).  I am really beginning to dig this type of speed work.  Not missing track intervals at all.  It was cooler this morning, but the humidity was 100% when we started at 4:30 am.  Bleh.

Tuesday:  Planned PT and strength.  Today I took my beloved Stella Ella to the vet in topeka to have an ultrasound of her belly done to rule out the cancer theory.  You can read more about it here because it is a huge mess, and I am very emotional about it right now and don't want to start emotional diarrhea here about it.   I ended up doing a 12.5 ish mile bike ride with Rockin Robin instead to cool off and de-stress.

Wednesday:  Planned 6 miles.  Finally, it has been cooler in the morning but alas, still humid.  We walked some, farted some, and ran some.  Running is such good therapy.

Thursday:  Rest day.  Spent most of the day at KSU with stella.  Lots of tears, but lots of good progress towards a diagnosis.  The bottle cap in her tummy is going to be removed, and we hope this is the cause of a lot of her issues.  We also hit up the 4th of July carnival that is a block away.  My little man is getting so brave!  He doesn't have the fear of heights gene, so him and daddy rode the Ferris Wheel 3 times!!!!  We had cotton candy, caramel apples, and the best cheeseburgers you have ever had!  Our little town does the 4th of July right!

Friday:  Hill work (6 repeats, 45 seconds each for a total of 6 miles).  Found a slightly longer and tougher hill this time, and just cranked them out.  My legs feel like lead now.  I so wanted to quit around 4 total miles, but we made it through 6.  I think I am just emotionally exhausted and missing my stella ella.  Had another visit with Dr. Needles and he gave me some painful manipulations and ART.  OUCH!  We also talked about the lift that I need in my shoes and how that hopefully will resolve all of my running injury issues.  I sure hope so, finger's crossed!!!!  Stella got to come home and already seems WAY better!  I can't wait to get her back to running this fall!

Saturday:  Rest day and family time.  My Mother in law came in from TN to spend the holiday weekend, so no PT, cross training, or anything happened, and i am fine with that.  Went to shoe store to see about getting a lift put in my running shoes, and they were closed but did spend some time down in aggieville with Melly Mel.  Had some early beer and then switched over to water + nuun for the rest of the night.  I so love running and dog friends.  They have pretty much gotten me through all of my running injuries and my dog's injuries/illnesses with my sanity intact.

Sunday:  12 miles planned.  Finding a place that wasn't a mud pit was interesting since we got 3 inches of rain the night before.  We tried linear trail in Manhattan and other than one place that was in a low spot, the trail was fine.  Running is so much better with these ladies!

30 miles total for the week.

We are going to shake up our training routine and change to back to back long runs.  However, we don't want to add an  extra running day.  We are going to switch to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday running plan with a long easier run on Saturday with maybe some speed work interspersed and a hilly shorter long run on sunday.  I am slightly scared but slightly excited to push my body and see what happens!

Have a great Fourth of July weekend/Week!

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