Sunday, July 31, 2016

10 weeks till Hell Creek on Heels 50K! Training Week 9

Kansas decided to give us a break in temps this week, but not in humidity!  Here is how this crazy week played out.

Monday:  Rest day.  Pretty sore, and pretty tired.  I needed this day like no other.  We decided pre grocery shopping that we all needed dairy queen ice cream.  Andrew got a free small cone with his kid's meal, but when daddy came back with a chocolate dipped cone, all bets were off.  Of course daddy shared.
Tuesday:  Planned Speed Work:  A repeat of last week 800 meter repeats x 5.  We were able to hit a pretty nice pace below what we were suppose to do, thanks to the lower temps.  Of course Kansas threw us a curve ball, so while the temps were awesome, the humidity was 100%, making the air drinkable.  
He was amazingly good for his first time having anything done.  They just polished his teeth and flossed.
Wednesday: Planned cross training/strength.  Had to take the day off from work since andrew and I both had dentist appointments, and I didn't want to do four trips back and forth from wamego to manhattan.  Got some house cleaning done, and got my strength done.  I have honestly done something to my upper quad on my right leg.  I could keenly feel it when I did the curtsy squats and the lunges.  It only seems to hurt when I do certain moves, but it doesn't feel great, and I am kind of worried.  I don't need any aches and pains, as I battle through this longer mileage days.  

Thursday:  Planned 7 miles.  Nothing special about this one other than when we got done, I took the dogs out and stella did a 20 minute walk! We also had a recheck on at KSU which I will post about here.

Friday:  Planned cross training:  11.56 miles on my bike.  Would have gone longer, but Melly called and wanted to go hunt Pokemon with her kiddo and I, so off we headed to hunt!  I was also suppose to strength train, but I didn't want to anger my leg again.  It finally feels back to normal, so I may do a few weeks at 1 strength training session a week, and then move back to 2 a week, with the days being monday and wednesday.  I know strength makes you a better runner, but last week it interfered with my runs which is no bueno in my books.  

Saturday:  Planned 16 miles before Melly had to be at work at 8 am.  I decided NOT to do a fasted run, since that didn't really work for me last week.  That meant getting up at 3:30 am.  I have gotten up many a time at 4 am to go to dog shows or to run, but never before that.  Of course the dogs decided that at 3:20 am, they needed to go out and be fed, so I guess getting up was easy.  I had my normal long run food and coffee, and suited up to met melly.  The plan was she would run 2 miles before getting to my house, we would run 12 together, and she would run 2 back, while I finished up my four to get 16.  Funny story, as I was waiting for Melly, a cop drove up, and checked me out. I think she was super confused as to what I was doing standing outside at 4 am.  I told her I was about to run and she seemed impressed, told me good luck, and went on her way.  I am so glad the Wamego PD are out at that time driving around the neighborhoods.  Makes me feel really safe!  Our run went well, the temps were in the 60s, but of course we were drenched due to the high humidity (93% when we left).  I even got to listen to a few podcasts after Melly had to split off.  I don't know about you but after Serial, I got addicted to the podcast Undisclosed.  It is three lawyers doing even more investigation into the Adnan Syed case and it is AMAZING!  They have decided to do a second season on a new case and I am HOOKED!  If you have a chance, check it out!

Sunday:  Planned 8 miles on Konza.  
This was the weather we were looking at saturday night.  Sigh.  While I love to sleep in, I also don't like my schedule screwed with.  We needed to get our 8 in on Konza.  Got up to rain and storms.  Kept waiting and and waiting and waiting for it to quit.  The problem is, I don't mind running in the rain, however, I will not run when it is lightening, and it was occasionally lightening.  This meant we had to run in the afternoon, when the temp was feels like 96 and the humidity was super high.  The dew point was at 73, so we made it a rule to walk every mile for a tenth.  I had mistakenly picked a very hilly route I thought was mostly shaded, and that just wasn't true at the time we ran.  We were very hot the whole time, but we slogged through and made it.  We kept checking on each other and, made sure we were both sweating and felt okay, and walked when we needed to.  I don't honestly want to do that again, but I am really happy we got it done and not on the mill.  

37 total miles this week!  Getting closer to my all time high of 45 in a week, which is a lot for me!  I am really loving getting my runs done on the weekend.  We have a race next week so we will race on saturday and long run on sunday.  We have a cut back week, and my body is thankful!

Have a great week!

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