Sunday, July 17, 2016

12 weeks of training to go! Week 7 of Hell Creek on Heels 50K training!

After kind of a crazy week with the holiday being on monday and having to take the day off the next day due to Andrew's day care being closed, I was ready for a "normal" week!

Monday:  Planned Glorious Rest day.  After three back to back to back runs, I was pooped.  Add on that the fact that my body is trying to fight off something or has allergies.

Tuesday:  Planned 6 miles of speed work.
Woke up to this craziness.  Tried at 5 and 6 am, and same thing both times.  Gave up.  Decided to try and run later that night, hoping that all of the rain would equal cooler temps.  spoiler alert, it didn't, but we decided to try anyway.  We ran slow and steady, took a few walk breaks, and got our six in.  I am worried that we are going to have to get on the mill eventually to get our speed work in, a prospect I am NOT crazy about.  I don't like doing the paces my coach prescribed for this particular work out on a treadmill.  I have this huge irrational fear that I am going to fall off the mill, especially when I go faster than a 10 minute mile pace.  
Watched some pretty awesome thunderheads develop while we rode
Wednesday:  Strength training/cross training.  I voted for cross training as my bike was just calling my name. I know, I know, I need to get back to lifting and doing strength.  PRs are built in speed work and gym time and i have been doing neither. At least I can blame the lack of speed work on the weather.  Rockin Robin and I did almost 13 miles on our bikes, and it was wonderful.  I do really need to invest in another seat.  My butt bone is killing me from all the bike riding.  I am not sure how people do these 50-100 mile bike rides!!!!
The corn is getting SO tall.  Gives our running route that Walking dead feel, especially at 4:30 am
Thursday:  Planned 6 miles (possibly try speed work).  Well, I am beginning to think speed work just isn't going to happen outside any time soon.  While I am not a fan, I know I need to do it to get better.  It was super foggy and super humid, like every door and window was fogged over humid.  We also had to alter our route, due to the mud on our normal route.  Why is it that when we run in town, it feels like it takes twice as long, yet it takes the same amount of time?  I also tried doing Pokemon while we ran.  It was fun, but it made us have to stop twice, and i don't want to add more time to our already long daily runs.
caught this little guy while taking Stella for a walk

I am planning another post on my thoughts on Pokemon go.  I think I will try a Thinking out Loud post for my thursday post:)  I am awaiting the vet's advice on stella on friday at her recheck, but i am hoping we can at least start daily walks.  Today we did 10 minutes and she seemed okay.  I am going to be super careful with her though.  We have a lot of dog themed races in the fall that i want to do that are all 5 Ks, so we have time.
Friday: Strength training/cross training.  Well, I am going to count hunting Pokemon as cross training, because we walked quite a bit.  We took andrew to a pokemon party last night in downtown.  Basically, one of the businesses opened its doors, so people had a cool place to hang out, charge their phones, and eat snacks.  There are several pokestops in downtown, so I guess people had been all over down town every night since the app started.  Very smart of this business to open up and make a little money, while fostering a lot of community.  Andrew won a lego pokemon set, and they gave away little pokemon figures.  We had a ton of fun!  I should explain though that andrew did not have the winning ticket.  A man gave andrew his ticket after it was drawn, and made andrew's night.  I thanked the guy like 100 times, and he just smiled and kept saying no problem.  So sweet!!!  I so love our little town.  Stella also went back to the vet for a recheck prior to our party, but I am going to write a separate post on that here.
Saturday:  Planned 14 miles.  We headed out to Linear Trail, so Lindsey could join us again.  Luckily, the temps were much lower than last weekend, but we made sure to head out plenty early just in case.  Unfortunately, it was super humid, and that kind of killed our mojo, but we plowed through and got it done with a little interpretive dance:)  Melly and I even did a little bit of fartlek work at the end for a nice fast finish.  We decided on coffee post our sunday run, and Melly and I headed back to Wamego to start our day.
We did head over to our local running store for it's big anniversary sale.  They had AMAZING deals!  I got this moving comfort bra for 40% off!  If you have ever shopped for and purchased a really good sports bra, you know how good of deal that is!  Plus, look at this super cute color!  This is the first new sports bra I have had a long time, mainly due to the cost.  They say you should replace every year but well, at 51 bucks a pop, that just doesn't happen.  
I had a little funeral for my oldest sports bra.  I am amazed I didn't get tetanus from this bra, but she was a good one.  She was the first big running purchase I ever made, before I started really buying the shoes I needed, and not the cutest colored shoes:)  I really did shed a tear for this old gal as she went into the garbage.  We have done many races and many training runs together. 
We also got Andrew his very first pair of running shoes.  They are brooks, and he wants to wear them 24/7.  They were significantly marked down as well, and I am tempted to go buy the next couple of sizes and keep them back for later.  
Sunday:  Planned 6 miles on Konza.  Okay, so not only did I have to get my run in, but I wanted to scope out the Pokemon situation on Konza.  Someone had posted that there were a ton of rare ones out there, and there was a fear that people might go off trail to catch them.  I discovered several Pokestops, and several gyms, but by the time we got a few miles out on the trail, signal disappeared completely with my carrier,  so I don't think Pokemon hunters will be an issue.  I HOPE they will enjoy the views, discover a new area, and put down their phones and revel in the beauty that is the Konza prairie.

Total mileage for the week: 32.  

I hear that this week will be even worse for heat.  Getting up at 4 am is kicking my ass, even getting to bed by 9 to 9:30.  Trying to just keep on keeping on, but affecting the whole family now.  My hubby and kiddo are night owls, so poor hubby is stuck baby sitting many nights after I pass out.  My nutrition is also kind of crappy, due to me being so dang tired an using caffeine to keep me going.  Other than that, I feel great, my body is so happy with the higher mileage, and I am going to go knock on wood for a solid hour after typing and posting this.  

Have a great next week!

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