Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mile 90 Photography of the 2018 Psycho Wyco 10 miler

You can't beat a race that gives free photos but you'd better bet if I know that Mile 90 is going to be there, the pictures are going to be AMAZING!  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

 She has always been a camera hog and when she saw Kristi, she totally hammed for the camera!

Charging up the hill in full pull mode!

I think she had the right idea.  Why run in the mess if you can balance on the side of the trail?  

 She was SO tired at the end and so was I!  Mel calling her got her back to pulling us both over the finish line!

Her second favorite human in the whole world.  On our weekly training runs, she is leashed up to Mel.  

 She was a little confused when the RD put her medal on but after he got it on, she looked like she was smiling for the camera.

I so love this picture and will probably get it framed.  Kristi at Mile 90 does an amazing job and Stella knows how to look right at the camera!  She is a big ham!!!!  This race was so special to me because the Alternate Chili 10 miler was our first big trail race a few years ago before her IMPA diagnosis and battle and this was a signal that we are back!!!!  Can't wait to do more with my baby girl, hopefully less muddy though! 

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