Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 7 of 18: Training for the Flint Hills 50 and Trail Marathon

On one hand, I am super lucky that Andrew and I did NOT get the virus that is going around Wamego.  It has high fevers of up to 104 for up to 7 days or more, and a horrible cough.  We instead got the cold that was going around, and while Andrew was coughing, I somehow escaped said cough.  It was a roller coaster week but we by the end of the week where both on the mend and back  to running regularly and feeling like a human!

Monday:  Rest day.  Oh boy.  Not the way I wanted to start out the week.  Okay, so long story short, on my way to Manhattan to work and to deposit our house payment check, not only did I find out I needed to go back home to let the heating and air guys in to do some work, but also my van broke down at a red light.  Add on to the fact that I still have a raging cold AND I really needed to get to KSU to talk to my boss who has been out of town, and you get one messed up Monday.  As I always say, at least I have a very understanding boss and a very flexible job at the moment, with lots of vacation time I need to use up.  There was a lot of this while the guys worked down stairs.

Tuesday:  Mile repeats.  Yep.  I knew they were coming in the cycle of speed work.  My coach can be pretty predictable, so logically what comes after 400, 800, 1000, 1200 meter repeats?  You guessed it, the one I hate the most, the mile repeat.  I am sure this time i will get to do some 2 mile repeats as well, as I somehow missed out on those last training cycle. Except, I didn't get much sleep the night before, and when I woke up at 3:30 am feeling like total dog doo, I sent the girls a message saying I was a no go.  I stupidly went to work, even though I felt horrible, and thought I would get my run done that night before wrestling.  I don't skip runs often (well I guess I did skip the day of the wrestling tournament, but this is a first in a long, long time), but there was just no motivation in me to run at all, like not even easy miles.  I have got to get this cold under control and get rid of it.  I now have horrible sinus pressure and pain and am worried that is is going to morph into something else.

100th day of Kindergarten!  He is suppose to be an old man and I think we kind of got it:)  Do you like the suspenders?  They are made from the lanyards you get from going to meetings!
Wednesday:  Easy miles.  I was thinking about skipping again. I know, who am I?  Usually I am super type A and about this time, after missing one run, I am in the throes of freaking out about loosing fitness.  I decided to do this on the mill that way if I felt bad in any way, I could stop.  I honestly felt good and got 4 miles in, and could have done more but did not want to push it.

This also happened!!!!  We officially started renting office/shop space in Wamego!  Coleman Electric is moving up in the world!

This is going to be my desk soon.  Sigh.  It's kind of sad, but I can make it work.  The office part of the shop is tiny, but we don't need office space as much as we need shop space.  I am super excited that slowly our house is turning into our house again and not our business!

Thursday:  Progression run.  I got in bed super early two nights in a row, and was feeling much better, but still not up for some super hard speed work.  I decided to get some easy miles with the girls instead.  We did 4.5 at the rec complex (meaning loops) in some pretty crazy wind, and then I headed back and hit the mill to finish my full 6.  I seriously am at the point where I want to binge watch Ozark, and it is taking every ounce of my fiber not to watch it when I am not on the mill.  BTW, off subject, if you don't listen to Another Mother Runner podcasts, you should.  They are using the term "insteadmill" for dreadmill and I just love that word!

Friday:  Rest day.  I had family here from Colorado via Texas and my focus was solely on them.  Their son (who was 5 when I lived in their basement when I lived in CO) is now looking at colleges and is VERY interested in KSU.  Let's just say I feel super old!  We did lots and lots of touring of the town, my town, and the college.  I hope they liked it and I hope that he chooses KSU!!!

Triple chins anyone LOL!
Saturday:  Long run day or easy run day.  Hubby had to work, so I had gotten up thinking I was to get some mileage on the mill.  The day while super windy, was actually perfect for a long run, but I had no baby sitter :(  As the day went on, I kept telling myself to just get on the mill, but I just couldn't do it.  Hubby came home mid afternoon, and even though I had not eaten correctly or fueled, I decided to gear up and head out.  I figured if things didn't go well, I could turn back and at least get my easy run done.  Let's just say I was correct, the soup I ate was spicy enough that I burped up soup and stomach acid pretty much the whole run.  I also battled side stitch after side stitch that made me want to give up multiple times.  I found that clutching the offending spot as hard as I could while running was the only way I got relief.  The wind was out of the south and west and it was brutal.  Again, I thought about hitting the turn around and having Tony come pick me up, since the rest of the run would be south and west directly into the soul stealing wind.  I am proud to say I battled through and made it work.  It wasn't pretty and super slow, but it was done and I was back with family in time for gumbo and cupcakes.    I also had my first long run with my Goodr sunglasses I got for Christmas.  I was highly impressed to say the least!  I can't wait to take these glasses on more adventures!

Sunday:  Easy run day.  Got family sent off first thing back to Colorado.  I so hope we can go out and visit them sometime this summer!  I really miss Colorado and wish we could some day relocate back that way.  Since we were suppose to get not only snow, but also horrible wind chills for the day, I had already planned on hitting the mill for my run.

What was suppose to be a "dusting" ended up being a couple of inches.  While I love a good snow run, I don't like negative wind chills!  I am super duper glad I had my mill and Ozark to help me out.  I will admit I got off a few times to change out laundry, a perk and a downfall of having your own mill. 

I am ready for a regular week of good health and healthy motivation.  I also have noticed my body has noticed I didn't get my strength training or my prehab/rehab stuff done this week.  I goofed and ran in the wrong shoes Saturday for my long run, which didn't help.  With two days of predicted snow storms, this week may be mainly on the mill, but I am ready to give it my all!!!!

Have a great week!

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