Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 8 of 18: Training for the Flint Hills 50 and Trail Marathon

Lots of external stressors going on in my life right now.  Trying to feel blessed and not stressed. It's effecting my sleep and I LOVE sleep.  Welcome to the all most half way point in my training!!!

Monday:  Rest day.  Recharge day and get ready for some crazy speed work day.  We decided to repeat last week, since I didn't get to it due to having that stupid cold.  BTW, so many kids and their parents are so sick in our community right now, and I am SO glad we have thus far dodged that bullet (knocking on every piece of wood in our house).  I hope we can continue to dodge it, because between the flu and this mystery virus, our town is getting hit super hard.  I am hoping since Andrew is mostly eating better and taking both vitamins and probiotics, that we have boostered our immune systems more to handle all of this mess.  Hope these aren't famous last words.....Maybe I should delete this paragraph!
Minecraft legos are all the rage right now.  I love them because it keeps him super busy!
 Tuesday:  Speed work.  1 mile repeats.  Since we were suppose to get snow, I figured I would hang close to the house and catch up on Coleman Electric work and hit the mill.  Our roads were still snow covered from the last go round, and running in the dark + snow/ice is just not a great combination.  I cued up Ozark and got er done.  6.6 mph for my miles at 1% incline and 3.2 for the recoveries.  For years I have run at 5 mph but here lately, 4.8 seems to be my jam and I am embracing it.  That work out kicked my butt and wore me out, but I was happy to get it done.  Believe me, when it was getting close to a mile, the feeling to just call it good kept creeping in, especially on that last repeat.  My mantra was "I can do anything for 9 minutes".  I commonly use that in races, and for some odd reason, it always works.
These two have become big buddies and I just love it!
Wednesday:  5 miles or rest.  Today I chose rest.  I am wrestling with something that I will eventually write about, but right now I need to keep it close to my vest, and it was weighing on me all day.  Actually for the last couple of days.  Sorry, #vagueblogging.  I just need a night with my family with no pressure to be doing anything specific.  We did have plans to eat with one of Andrew's buddies from preschool, but hubby came home with some work stuff to talk about, and we decided to just have a nice family dinner and talk it out.  We all came home from salad bar and bread sticks much refreshed and ready for a good night's sleep.  I also had a phone call with one of my old students who is working in a lab in KC about some fun she is having and again,  I don't feel guilty just spending time with my family and friends and not working out or running.

Trying to warm up post run
Thursday:  Speed work or easy run.  Honestly, it was on the schedule to do speed work,  a progression run that was going to be tough.  Each mile was to get faster with no recovery.  EEEEK!  I was mentally prepared to get this beast done and then when we got to the track, which is usually clear post snow and ice, there were still large patches of ice on the concrete track.  We decided to take it easy and not fall, and wisely move the speed work to the mill later.  This will put me running 4 days in a row, so I am going to totally play it by ear and not injure myself. We are also suppose to get more snow on the weekend.  I am so done with this weather.  I don't know why I am such a wuss this winter, but dang it, I just am not handling the cold very well at all, even though I have some super awesome gear!

Friday:  Make up day.  Speed work progression run.  I am going to be super honest here, I am dealing with some things with my kiddo (testing for ADHD/learning disability/WTF who knows) and also finding out that our season in wrestling is done (with two tournaments left to go), and I am just not doing well with all of it. I am trying to be a strong momma and an advocate for my child, yet not defensive and bitchy about all of this, but I really just want to yell and scream and cry and stomp my feet like a toddler.  Anyway, I came home from work with good intentions of getting something done, and those intentions faded away as I got fired up and started doing more research and more digging.  I think I will write another blog post about my thoughts and then probably delete it because no one really wants to hear what goes on in my head, but it will make me feel better.  Somehow writing, even if it never gets seen by anyone but me, is therapeutic.

I think only runners will find this picture funny. I am commonly hangry.
Saturday:  Easy run or long run.  I had a 10:30 appointment at Sylvan to have Andrew tested for learning skills so we could see if they could be of any help.  My idea was to get up and and see how I felt and how the weather was and go from there.  Of course my brain, which is on overload right now, woke me up at 4:30 am.  I probably laid there for another hour before getting up.  I quickly fueled and drank coffee with hopes that maybe I could get my long run done, even thought it was feels like -2 out.  By the time it was light out (i have a weird thing about wanting the sun to be up on cold days before I run), it was too late for me to get an easy long run in, so I opted to do my five on the mill and call it good. #teaminsteadmill
  Had my hair braided and under a cap during my run and it turned it dreads that took forever to get out
Sunday:  Long run.  Lucky for us the snow missed us and we got barely a dusting.  It was still feels like 2, BUT there was little to no wind.  I knew this run wouldn't be the best, as we had a dinner party the night before with multiple courses of authentic french foods including galettes, crepes, pastries, and french candies.  I shouldn't leave out  the beer either.  We had a great time, learned a bunch of stuff totally by accident that is going to really, really impact my life in a great way (again yet another #vaguebook post), and I don't regret one bite or sip.  I drank 17 oz of Nunn when I got home, and went to bed with the intentions of trying to sleep in and get on the road by 9 or 10 am.  I woke up feeling good, just sluggish, and slowly got ready and headed out.  Took both dogs, enjoyed the predatory birds we saw out, peed in a ditch, and walked when I needed to so that I made it through. 

Glad this week is over.  Glad we have one more week of wrestling and one more tournament.  Glad to hear some great news I have been waiting to here for almost 18 years.  Can't wait till I can really tell my story on here and let y'all in on some of the crap I am struggling with right now.  Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we journey through this mess.  Glad that I have running to help me clear my head.  Glad I have super awesome running partners who have been with me all week and have listened to me obsess about all of the mess I am going through.  Glad I also have a blog where I can get the thoughts out of my head and onto paper.

Thanks for hanging with me this week and have a great next week!!!!

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