Saturday, May 2, 2015

A 10 miler and FESTIVAL time! Again!

Our little town has more festivals than most. I am pretty sure of it.  That is why I love living here though.
This one is the Kansas Sampler festival.  It is a traveling festival that goes around the state and show cases all the cities in Kansas and what they have to offer.  There is a fee to get in but the food is amazing and there is tons to see and do.  Here is a recap of last year's festival.  I am really sad it is leaving to go to the new location next year.  

Shhh!  Don't tell him it is buffalo meat and not beef.  I actually had a homemade brat but tried the burger and it was AMAZING!  I thought buffalo would be dry and rangy tasting, but it was juicy and yummy!  I am sure they had to add some sort of fat to it to make a good burger.  

As last year, the goats were a huge hit, especially the baby goats.  This little guy LOVED andrew and tried to eat not only mine but his hair.  

Since I had run a 10 mile long run prior to us going, I kind of let myself eat sort of badly.  I had a brat for lunch and a cookie for desert ,that was divine.  It was a cross between a cookie and a scone in texture and dough, and had chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips and walnuts.  I did share with andrew, but the majority of it went in my belly:)  I also took a few sips of Tony's fresh squeezed limeade, that probably had a ton of sugar in it,  AND, i had frozen strawberries and bananas on a stick that were drizzled with chocolate.  Oh well, we probably won't go down tomorrow and i had 2 K calories left after my run.  Not trying to beat myself up too bad about my poor eating choices pretty much all day.  

I have another easy week and then Running with the Cows next weekend!  Mom is coming up mid week and we are going to a bra fitting/fashion show thursday night.  Then Friday we are off to packet pick up and the race.  I talked her into the 5 K so she gets a shirt and swag as well.  So excited to finish my second year of the Heartland series! 

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