Saturday, May 23, 2015

This post has gone to the dogs

Poor stella ella.  Hubby took her to the vet, and the verdict was she had licked her pad wound too much and caused issues.  The best at this point was to bandage it and put some steriod cream on it to let it heal.  We are trying to just watch her and keep her out of the cone of shame, and so far, she has left it alone.

To keep an eye on her, she has been going everywhere with us.  

We had decided corn dogs and milk shakes sounded fun after picking up little red from daycare.  Stella ella got a couple of tater tots and a few bites of corn dog as well.  

She has the pitiful look down pat don't you think?

Sometimes she just takes my breath away.  She reminds me so much, in many ways of my first aussie Berry.  God, I miss that dog so much.

Since she is still on the DL, I had to sub in Deuce for my long run, as I honestly didn't think mentally I could go all by myself.  I had planned ten miles, but thought I would do my normal 6 mile loop and drop him off, and then do an out and back for the remaining four.  I also wanted to try out my new shoes and my new sports bra from VS on a longer run.  I have been running in my new sports bra, but short runs like 4 or less.  I want to do a review on it, because I had 0 chaffing today and it is super supportive and comfortable and honestly I didn't expect that from VS.  

First of all, Deuce did awesome.  Out in the country, I was able to let him run off leash, and he had tons of fun running, marking and investigating.  I was shocked when I looked down and we were clocking 9:45-10 minute miles.  He typically gases out at that pace, and I try to keep my long run pace around 10:30-11, but he was just keeping up and seemed fine.  When we got back to the house, we were somehow at 6.75 miles.  The last mile he seemed a little tired, so I had been doing some walk/running with him and that seemed to help him pep up.  When I looked at my watch and realized we only had 0.25 to hit 7, I asked if he wanted to finish at 7.  He seemed to be okay, so we went ahead and did a loop in our neighborhood to hit 7 and get a cool down in.  It was very cool today and very overcast, so I know that helped him be successful, as he gets hot and tired in the KS heat.  I am excited to possibly have another long run partner.  
As soon as I got back, little red wanted to go ride the train in the park.  Rather than heading back out to run more, we headed to the park and did a round on the train and did some playing on the playground.  Then we headed over to the coffee shop and had some coffee and little red had his very first steamer.  
This pic is kind of dark, but this is Jim who owns the coffee shop Paramour coffee.  If you are a coffee snob, like we have become, this is where you need to get beans.  We have a keurig for week days quick coffee, but for weekends, we do fresh ground beans in our french press.  Jim roasts the beans here in Wamego and makes our town smell delicious!  Check out the link I have put above as they ship all over!    

All in all, we have had a Wamego day, checking out the thrift store for some good finds and the other new little stores that have opened up.  So far the 10 days of forecasted rain haven't happened, so we are getting lots done outside, and are going to continue planting our garden and flowers this weekend.  Plus, we get to celebrate my hubby's birthday this weekend and have a three day weekend!  Have a great weekend Y'all!!!!!

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