Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Stella Ella!

Today is Stella Ella's 4th birthday!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the crazy girl.  
 Her breeder is also a photographer.  We got weekly pictures of our babies.  We also got to see her be born and terrorize her brothers and sisters for the first few weeks of her lift thank to the camera in their whelping box and puppy pen.
She was THE toughest aussie I have ever raised.  Hard to crate train, to potty train, to get a long with at times.  She can be very pushy and demanding.  She is total diva to the core.  I am sure I have more than one blog post exasperated about some sort of behavior she was exhibiting.  I always have been very honest that if she was my first aussie, she would have been my last.  Some days there is NO off switch.  Through running, disc and agility, we have found that off switch finally.

I joke but I am serious in that she fully prepared me for having a baby. The patience I learned from this dog is immense.  She totally taught me how to function without sleep.  I thank her for this because dealing with a new born baby was just slightly harder.  


Happy Birthday Crazy girl!  So glad we got picked to be your parents! can't wait to start marathon training with you by my side.  I LOVE YOU!

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